Why Onsite Storage Solutions are Safer

If you’re looking for a way to spruce up your apartment property with some sleek design and security, look no further than adding onsite storage solutions to your property. Oftentimes, apartment renters have more belongings than they can store in their space, and are left with few options to try to stow unneeded items. Sometimes they seek out an outside storage facility somewhere in town, making it inconvenient to reach their things when they need them and taking those monthly storage fees and giving them to someone else. If they don’t want to find an outside storage solution, they can take to using shared spaces like hallways and patios to use as makeshift storage areas. This poses as a safety hazard to other tenants, and can overall make the grounds look messy and unorganized. Offering on-site storage solutions solves both of these issues and more. 

Renters Love Security and Privacy

Trustworthy, secure, and safe storage is a highly sought-after amenity for apartment renters. The convenience of being able to trust their belongings are safe and sound when they don’t need them around, and easily accessible when they do. There are many options when it comes to onsite storage, from traditional-style storage lockers to parking space storage boxes, secure storage bins, and many more. Depending on your budget, and available open space, there is a perfect on-site storage fit for your property. The most important aspect when choosing a storage solution for your apartment complex is the level of safety and security provided to your renters. If they don’t feel the provided storage is trustworthy to house their extra things, they are far less likely to use them. 

Stay Away From Wire Mesh

Since renters value safety and security so highly, it’s vital to pick a storage system for your property that puts their priorities first. Property owners often fall into the pitfalls of wire mesh storage by the seemingly lower prices, only to have their storage plan backfire when none of their tenants feel the storage offers privacy or security. The mesh offers little to no coverage or protection for the renters’ items, leaving them out in the open and vulnerable to wandering eyes and petty thieves. The lack of protection also inadvertently invites in the dirt, dust, debris, insects, and any other unwanted things small enough to make their way through the mesh. 

Safe On-Site Storage is a Win-Win 

When you install high-quality, private, and secure storage to your tenants, they will love it and so will you. Studies show apartment renters can be willing to pay upwards of $100 a month for trustworthy on-site storage, and would even be willing to move their off-site stored items to the storage offered on the property. This puts an extra monthly income in your pocket, protecting your investment in the storage units and effectively saving money on the property in the long run. Renters love the added security and value that on-site storage can bring to the property, and feel that they are cared for by the property owners when given a secure place to store their extra belongings. The sleek design adds an attractive element to the property and can bring in more potential future renters. Safe and trustworthy storage is a highly sought-after amenity, especially for renters in densely populated city areas. There is a perfect storage solution for your property out there. Take advantage of the added safety, security, privacy, and value that on-site storage can offer your apartment property, and put money back in your wallet every month.

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