Why A Master Key System Is The Way To Go For Your Commercial Business

If you own or run a commercial business, you may have heard or even come across a master key security system. These are systems that allow multiple locks to be opened using a single key. Such systems are very handy and convenient for certain types of business. And yours just may be one of those businesses. These systems are great because they:

Master Key System

Reduce the number of keys that every employee needs to carry

No one likes carrying a bunch of keys just to move around a property. It’s tiring, it’s inconvenient, and it just isn’t practical. Some key bundles wouldn’t even fit inside some people’s pockets. With a master key system your staff members will only need one key to move about. You still retain the same level of security but you get great flexibility and mobility. Your employees will move from one point to another with ease and there’ll be little confusion about which key opens which door.

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Easily categorize low-security, medium security, and high-security clearances

A master key system also allows you to define different security clearances with more ease. Low-clearance staff can have a key that open doors to general areas. Staff with higher clearance can have a second key that opens doors/locks to more secure areas. And so forth. It’s easy and very practical.

Reduce the cost of replacing keys and locks

With a master key system you only need to replace a single key should an employee lose theirs. In the same way, should a lock get damaged, you only need to re-key that lock to fit the existing keys instead of replacing it. It becomes simpler to maintain the keys and locks already in place as opposed to buying new installations.

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