What Tools Should You Carry in Your Car?

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We spent time discussing various tools and their use, but today I’m going to talk a bit about the Trade Tools you should always have in your car. So, without wasting much time, let’s go straight to the list.

Rags – You should always have clean, lint-free rags in your car. I usually have one in the glove compartment of my car. Do not do this with rags soaked in oil or gasoline, as there is a fire hazard waiting to occur. When you get a cloth dirty, be sure to throw it away or wash it immediately.

Spare parts – Yes, you read that correctly, spare parts. Now I’m not talking about water pumps here, but rather an air filter, an extra spark plug or two, and maybe a long spark plug wire from your last tune-up if it’s still okay. You should also have oil, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, and brake fluid on hand.

Emergency Parts – I always have an extra belt, coolant hose, fuses, and radiator cap on my car at all times. They’re usually pretty cheap, and if you get stuck without them, you could get yourself in a more expensive situation.

Spare tire – We all have them, but when was the last time you checked yours? At once a month (usually the first weekend of the month), I check that mine is holding pressure well and is at the correct pressure indicated on the side. It’s really embarrassing to go through all the work of replacing the tire on the side of the road only to find that the spare is flat too.

Wrench – We hope you understand the importance of having this. If you have to buy one, buy the “Four Way” version that looks like an X. They are the most useful I have found.

Jumper Wires – You must have a set of these at all times. Dead batteries or leaving the lights on overnight can create a major headache that having a set of jumper wires can help you avoid.

Snow and Ice Gear – If you live in an area that has a decent amount of snow in the winter, having a collapsible emergency shovel is never a bad idea. A can of defroster isn’t a bad idea either.

Flashlight and Searchlights – Flashlights can be a real benefit if you break down at night. Reflectors are excellent for that very purpose. I suggest them over highway flares as highway flares can be dangerous.

First aid kit – I think this one goes without saying.

Replacement Tools – If you’ve read my other articles, you should have known by now. But in case you haven’t, always carry a spare set of tools in your trunk. You never know you might need them, and unlike other things, sometimes when you’re stranded and need a certain tool, there’s no getting around it.

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