What Is The Best Option For Garage Doors

The best and most expensive solution at New Market garage doors for automating double doors is underground motors. They are encapsulated, silent and invisible and do not in any way disturb the design of the door.

Sliding doors

The main advantages of sliding doors are that they allow the closure of far larger spaces without the risk of sagging and easier maintenance. At the same time, they do not take away from the space of the yard or corporate parking lot. A disadvantage is that sliding doors are slower than double doors and also require space along the fence where they can be retracted into the open position.

Sliding doors in turn are of two types – sliding rails and cantilever sliding doors. In the first case, the door slides on a concrete-clad rail, V or U profile with wheels. This is a cheaper option, but unfortunately it has a lot of inconveniences, mostly related to crossing the road and cleaning it, especially in winter.

The best sliding door solution is the so-called cantilever door. In this case the door moves along the light opening 8-10 cm above the ground. This is accomplished with the help of a set of mechanisms, rails, trolleys, guide wheels, rollers and greeters. The main advantage of console doors is that they are extremely easy to maintain. The movement of the door is also guaranteed under contaminated environments and severe weather. The disadvantage of this type of door is that it requires additional space for retracting into the open position the so-called tail, which is used to balance the door. It is generally about 1/3 of the bright opening.

Automation of sliding doors is accomplished by means of a motor with a built-in receiver and gear racks that are installed along the door.

Sectional doors

This is the best and most common solution for closing garages, service spaces and halls. Sectional doors are made of horizontally spaced, fastened foam sheets with foam polyurethane filling. The doors are moved with the help of rails and guides located at the two ends of the light opening. Windows and additional pedestrian doors may be built into this type of door. Garage sectional doors are characterized by durability, good sound and thermal insulation and are also safe because they are made of environmentally friendly and fire-resistant materials.

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Sectional doors are operated both manually and automatically. The automatic actuation is ensured by a motor and rail mounted on the ceiling of the room.

The motors have a built-in control unit with radio included. The operation of the actuators can be guaranteed even in the event of a mains supply failure if batteries that fit perfectly in the motor body are connected.

Of particular importance, given the size of the garage sectional doors and the intensity of movement through them, is their safety. It is carried out by means of safety devices against rupture of ropes and springs, by a built-in brake in the electric motor, by a sensor against obstacles and by photocells.

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