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Unique Uses of Modern Bar Stools

Unique Uses of Modern Bar Stools

Unique Uses of Modern Bar Stools

Bar stools are functional seats that work well in different settings. You may have seen them in the kitchen or breakfast nook. However, they can function well in more settings than behind a high counter. These are some unique uses of modern bar stools you can try.

Entrance Table

Keeping an entrance table may sound like a trend from the past, but it is still used in many homes. An entrance table provides a place for you to keep items that you only use outside your home. However, you don’t have to buy a big console table just to hold a few objects. You can place a bar stool at your entrance and use it for the same purpose.

Side Table

The coffee table can sometimes be an uncomfortable place to put an item you want near you. This problem can be solved easily by placing small, stylish bar stools by the chairs. This way, you have a table closer to you, which is part of the general decor. Choose a design that goes well with your chairs and coffee table.

Plant Stand

Most people like to grow plants around their homes, but it is not always easy. One of the significant obstacles is getting a good spot to place the plant. Get creative by using a modern bar stool as a plant stand. With this trick, you can place your place at the most optimal spots throughout the day.

Bathroom Rack

A bar stool in the bathroom may seem unbefitting, but this hack will make your life easier. You may use it for holding towels and toiletries outside the shower.

Meanwhile, using modern bar stools as bathroom racks is not only possible in homes. Businesses with bathrooms can use this hack to keep their bathrooms better organised.

Studio Seating

Are you an artist? Do you spend hours working on a piece and need comfortable seating? If your answer is yes, you should look into getting a bar stool. Modern bar stools come in various designs that greatly support your form while you work at the easel or canvas.

Image: 1825 Interiors

Regular Seating

You can use bar stools as regular seating in many areas of your home. This is not just about the kitchen or breakfast counter but other places. One unique option is to use it for seating behind your vanity. A bar stool allows you to move more freely while you apply your makeup in the morning. It is also good if you have a small place or cannot afford big furniture.


Bar stools will always be associated with regular spots like bars, breakfast tables, kitchen counters, etc. However, you don’t need to follow this tradition. You can use bar stools in other places. For example, the entrance to your home, living room, bathroom or bedroom are some unique spots for modern bar stools.

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