The Main Benefits Of Composite Shingles Over Traditional Shingles

Composite shingles are industrially proven to be better than traditional shingles, mainly due to the backing material. While the two types of shingles are made the same, composite shingles employ fiberglass for their backing material while traditional shingles use paper or organic backing. The following are the main benefits of composite shingles over traditional ones.

Traditional Shingles


Fiberglass has a higher resistance to corrosion and rusting, says Fiber-Techinc. The fiberglass backing extends the longevity of composite shingles by up to 10 years more than traditional shingles. Additionally, some composite shingles have fiberglass backing with UV light and water resistance capabilities, which makes them less resistant to fading.

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Lighter is better

Composite shingles are made of a woven fiberglass base mat, which provides enough waterproofing capabilities. This makes them lighter than traditional shingles, which rely on asphalt (a heavier material) to achieve the same. The lighter composite shingles are more affordable to acquire and are easier to install. If you would like to feel the difference in weight, get a roof contractor in Glendale to show you a composite shingle and a traditional one for comparison.

Energy efficiency

Composite and fiberglass are both insulative materials. During winter, the composite minimizes indoor heat loss, unlike traditional shingles with insufficient insulation. When composite shingles are combined with cool roof features, such as light-colored granules and reflective coating, it helps minimize indoor cooling expenses during summer.

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Need a versatile option?

Unlike traditional shingles, you get a variety of types of composite shingles to choose from. You can choose either the 3-tab composite shingles which come with ceramic granule topping or the laminate composite shingles which come with an extra layer that further strengthens the 3-tab shingles. Alternatively, you can opt for the architectural composite shingles which come with two extra layers of polymer for guaranteed longevity. With composite shingles, you also get to choose from a wide variety of color and size.

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