The Best New Video Games Coming in 2021 On Nintendo Switch and PS5


Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5 are now among the most popular and best-selling gaming consoles on the market. It is common for people to have both Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5, because they have vastly different form factors and portability. If you have either of these, or both, devices, here are some of the top games to look forward to in 2021:

The Best New Video Games Coming In 2021 On Nintendo Switch And PS5

Hitman 3 (PS5, Released: 20 January)- Hitman 3 will bring the dramatic conclusion of the current Hitman trilogy. Players will continue travelling around the world in sandbox environments. You will continue playing as Agent 47, the ruthless professional assassin.

Skyforge (Switch, Released: 4 February)- Skyforge is a stylish action MMORPG with a dynamic combat system. Players protect the world against powerful beings who dominate the realm as massive giants.

Persona 5 Strikers (PS5, Switch, 22 February)- the original Persona 5 was an international smash-hit with more than 3.2 million copies sold globally. The Persona 5 Strikers is a sequel that takes place half a year after the conclusion of Persona 5.

Harvest Moon: One World (Switch, PS5, Released: 2 March)- Harvest Moon: One World is the latest entry of the popular Harvest Moon franchise. Players will venture across the Pastilla deserts, on the snowy Salmiakki mountains and in the town of Lebkuchen. The queen of crops, the Harvest Goddess, has gone missing, leaving the world without vegetables and fruits.

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Remake (PS5, Released: 18 March)- the original Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (2003) reshaped the action-adventure genre. It has charismatic characters, a compelling story, and innovative gameplay. The game is being rebuilt using the Anvil engine, which is a common platform for many PlayStation 4 games.

Monster Hunter Rise (PS5, Switch, Released: 26 March)- players explore a lush ecosystem to fight against fearsome monsters and become powerful hunters. They can hunt with friends in a party or play in single-player mode. Players can collect weapons and armour to gradually gain power.

Far Cry 6 (PS5, Released: TBA)- Far Cry 6 returns to the tropical terrain of a Caribbean island, Yara. With allies at your back and various weapons, you will take on the regime of President Anton Castillo, who imposes a cruel grip on the citizens of Yara.

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