Six Chair and Furniture Trends for 2022

Six Chair and Furniture Trends for 2022

Short of a living room remodel, getting new furniture is the best way to refresh a space and give it a whole new feel. As we move deeper into 2022, there are a variety of interior design trends for the year that are worth taking note of, particularly when it comes to furniture and chairs.

From chairs to decorative furniture hardware, sofas, side tables and beyond, here is what you need to know about the furniture trends sweeping 2022.

1. Recliner Chairs Are Back in Style

In many ways, comfy and cozy furniture is taking center stage in 2022. Part of that overarching trend means that recliner chairs are back in style.

The driving force behind recliners coming back into fashion is the resurgence of mid-century modern furniture, which has been increasing in popularity over the past several years.

This means that you can once again kick back in style by getting yourself a recliner with a matching ottoman.

2. Vintage Furniture Is in Vogue

The events of 2020 resulted, in part, in widespread supply chain issues, many of which have yet to be resolved. This means that those who have been attempting to build a home, buy new furniture or shop for a multitude of other items have encountered tons of roadblocks in procuring what they need.

As a reaction to such impediments, people have turned toward shopping for second-hand items, thus ushering in a comeback for vintage furniture designs. Also fueling this trend is the fact that younger generations are less inclined to buy mass-produced items and want furnishings with a bit more personality and character.


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This means that you can expect to see a blending of antique and vintage chairs, tables, couches and other items with more modern pieces, thus resulting in a timeless feeling that can grow and change in the years ahead.

3. Sustainable Furniture Remains Fashionable

Sustainability is a word that has been on the tip of many people’s tongues for years. In 2022, sustainable furniture is something that will continue to be trendy. This is partly due to the aforementioned supply chain issues, which have led to folks purchasing pre-existing items. However, consumers are also seeking out responsibly-manufactured, eco-friendly furniture. This could be expressed via the materials used to build an item, the processes used to manufacture it, or other aspects of the product’s creation.

Therefore, materials like reclaimed wood, recyclable polypropylene (for outdoor furniture) and sustainable furniture companies will all flourish alongside one another in 2022.

4. Sayonara Straight Lines

While the clean, sharp line of mid-century modern furniture will always have an audience, 2022 will see the proliferation of curved edges and feminine silhouettes.


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For instance, rounded sofa backs, curved sideboards, gracefully swooping wooden furniture legs and feet like Queen Anne legs and similar motifs will all be highly desirable. In many ways, this harkens back to the forces bringing vintage and antique items to the forefront and feeds into that same dynamic.

Since the emergence of curved furniture is part of a larger trend sweeping interior design, you can expect manufacturers from every price tier to begin offering new designs that feature flowing arcs, soft lines, and curves of all kinds.

5. Light Wood Stains Get Lots of Love

Alongside the lighter, flowing feeling that curves will bring into rooms across the nation, light-washed woods will become a popular furniture trend, helping to contribute to the delicate and airy feel being cultivated.

This means that light-stained wood on curved pieces like coffee tables will be extremely attractive in 2022. Additionally, since these kinds of pieces are so versatile, light wood mixed with curves is likely to be found in living rooms, bedrooms and pretty much anywhere else you can imagine.

6. Modular Multi-Use Furniture Makes Its Mark

Another way that 2020 is impacting current interior design trends is that people will be seeking out modular, multi-use furniture. The reason for this is that, in 2020, people were confined to their homes, which resulted in many rooms being used for multiple purposes. Fast forward to 2022 and one of the interior design trends for this year is dual-purpose rooms.

Where chairs, tables and other kinds of furniture are concerned, this means that folks will be looking for pieces that are also multifunctional. Thus, dual-purpose furniture is set to be a hot ticket item in 2022.

If you can find such an item in a light wood stain with some delicious curves, all the better.

Chair and Furniture Trends Dominating 2022

There are a lot of amazing furniture design trends coming into focus in 2022. That said, none of them are particularly surprising as most are continuing various trajectories that have been going on for years.

However, many of these trends are beginning to converge into a cohesive design experience that is poised to transform your home into a one-of-a-kind, highly-functional space in 2022.

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