Residential Interior Design – Why Not Choose The Victorian Style?

Victorian homes have an exclusive sense of place and history. Whether you plan on moving into one someday or would love to replicate the exquisiteness of Victorian architectural style, there are all sorts of options available to you today!

This exclusive architectural style is named after the Queen Victoria’s era. Originated in Great Britain in the mid -1800s, it has continued to go strong until around 1900. There is basically a broad mix of styles that were integrated into the Victorian style, such as Renaissance, Romanesque, Colonial Revival, Queen Anne, and more.

One of the advantages of the industrialization of the nation meant that all sorts of pre-building materials were readily accessible, which greatly helped in the creation of the Victorian architectural style homes. If you take a tour of the neighborhood that featured several Victorian homes, you perhaps will notice different similarities in designing along with various distinct differences that made each home exclusive.

The different aspects related to Victorian homes that you may notice include steep roofs with front facing gables, intricate shapes that are usually asymmetrical, turret towers that can be square or round, porches that are spacious but have a wraparound design, bay windows, ornamental spindles and brackets in different parts of the home. Victorian structures have a sense of grandeur that can even be continued on the interiors with pieces that are made particularly by keeping Victorian architecture in mind. This can comprise of doors, moldings, flooring and much more.

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You will find Victorian styled homes mainly in England where most settlers initially began and brought this style with them. However, this does not mean that you will not see it anywhere else. Victorian style homes can be built anywhere. As a matter of fact, some have been built with added contemporary flair to them. The integration of amazing styles truly makes a home look unique. Check with an expert Victoria interior designer to ensure you get the right feel and outlook of your house.

A professional Victoria interior designer will help you with the flooring options, molding designs, and door styles that echo the Victorian outlook and can blend well with your house. If you already have a Victorian style home, you can repair or update the old doors, moldings, and other parts with quality services offering the best wooden building materials. An expert would fully understand the designing elements related to a Victorian home and would give you the ability to personalize everything from the wooden species to the entire design of the finished product.

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