Pressurized Walls NYC Help To Make A Separate Cabin In Apartment And Office For Social Distancing

In the world of today when capitalism is ruling, it is getting difficult to live in rented apartment alone. The rent will eat your all money and salary in a single day whether you are living in USA or UK, New York or London or any other place. That’s the reason why the group of friends live together in an apartment so that they would divide the rent and have less burden on each. However, there is another way to pay the rent while saving money for yourself in this pandemic and that way is pressurized walls.

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What Are Pressurized Walls?

Pressurized walls are temporary walls that extend from the floor of your room to its ceiling. There is no need of screws or drill machine to insert the wall. All you need to is to take proper measurements and fit them between the room to divide a single room into two rooms. Pressurized walls are light in weight. You can remove it at any time easily.  Yet, you cannot hang a lot of things on it. Although you can hand mirror or have shelves on it, they should be less than or up to 30 pounds in weight.

Pressurized Walls NYC is one of the most recommended company. They have experts who come at your home, take measurements and insert the walls efficiently that it would not fall down or come out of the inserted place. Their 4.5 inched thick walls guarantee to be sound-proof and leave enough space in every room.

What Are The Advantages Of Pressurized Walls?

Pressurized Walls give you another way to earn money. You can divide your bedroom into two rooms and rent the half place to your friend or a person who need the place. In this way you can get half of the money you need to pay to your landlord for an apartment. Besides, you can create your workingplace or startup in the remaining part. You can convert the other half into

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  • Office: If you have a small company or startup then pressurized walls are made for you!
  • Gym: Buy some machines and turn your passion for gym into profession.
  • Tuition center: Teacher can place some tables and chairs in the room and call their students to sit there and have lessons.
  • Studio: If you are a blogger, YouTuber or artists then use the remaining part and earn money through your creations.

How Can Pressurized Walls Help You In Pandemic?

In this time of coronavirus pandemic when we have to practice social distancing, pressurized walls can help you a lot. You can call Pressurized Walls NYC and fix two or three walls in the place to create as much rooms as there are people to give them space while distancing from them. It will keep them save and let them enjoy their privacy. All people can use their space to do their office or freelancing or academic work.

People can even make cabin or separate working place for their employees in an apartment or at office by using these walls to keep them healthy and away from COVID-19.

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So, these are basic advantages of pressurized walls in pandemic. In this time, we need to practice social distancing and pressurized walls assist us to distance ourselves well.  Contact at here for more info

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