Overview Of The Hvac System

Have you just installed an HVAC system and now you wish to know all about its maintenance? Or do you wish to know more about your previously installed system? Well this article covers up everything that you need to know about HVAC systems. It shall provide you with maintenance ideas and the working criteria as well.

Working Criteria

Your system is a heating, ventilating and air conditioning system that keeps your house warm and cooled as per the requirement. During the winters, it heats up the place while during summers, it makes the environment of your house cool


  • It has a ventilation system that ventilates the air and allows fresh air to enter the place. In this way it removes all the odour, dust particles and air pollutants from the house.


  • The system is installed with furnaces that burn up materials and provide warm air to keep your house warm. Some systems are installed with boilers that use water to produce heat that keeps the houses warm. Electric heat as well as heat pumps may also be used in some systems for heat production.


  • Large air conditioners are installed for cooling purposes. They come in the form of large boxes and make cooling of the entire house possible.

Humidifier And Dehumidifier

  • In tropical and dry environments, humidity is controlled by the use of humidifiers and dehumidifiers. They are either installed in the system or are installed separately.


Common question that is asked by people is how long do the HVAC systems work for. They can survive  for up to 12-15 years after which they are reinstalled. The maintenance of the system says a lot about the time it survives for.

Air Filters

  • The scheduled changing and cleaning of the air filters plays a major role in the maintenance of the systems. If the air filters are left unchecked then the system might just fail. Infact one of the most common causes of the system failure is the incapability of the air filters to work properly.

Closing Vents

  • Closing the vents is a common practice followed by many people. They do so to stop the cooling in a particular room. It might seem to be a great idea to reduce the bills that you have to pay but it causes strain on your system that might just lead to system failure.

Vist the following to hire the professionals for your system maintenance or installation.


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