Must-Have Packing Supplies For Any Move

Packing for any move is a resource-intensive activity. Often, people start packing removals to USA and then half-way into the packing, they realize that they are missing or have run out of a supply. To save you the trip back to the store, here is a check-list of the must-have packing supplies for any move.

Any Move


You need boxes of different sizes to accommodate the items you need to move. Keep the large boxes for lightweight items as they can accommodate several of those. Additionally, try to fit large, heavy items in boxes that fit their dimensions. For glassware, find boxes from your local liquor store as they come with dividers that prevent your china and glassware, from impact, says Livability.

Bubble wrap

They come in rolls that are serrated every 12 inches so you can divide them for different items. They are the best for wrapping delicate breakables such as glasses, teapots, etc. To offer maximum protection, wrap your breakables with the bubbles facing inwards. Bubble wrap can be bought from stores or from long distance movers in Vista CA.

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Packing paper

Unlike old newspaper sheets that can ink your items if it gets wet, packing paper is clean and ink-free. They make a good wrapping alternative for packing dishes and other delicate items, and you don’t have to wash them after unpacking.

Tape and a box cutter

Items in a box need to be sealed with tape in order to ensure they do not fall off during the move. A box cutter comes in handy when unpacking, as it cuts with precision without ruining the boxes that you paid to get.

Stretch wrap

It resembles Saran wrap and sticks onto whatever you wrap it with. It especially comes in handy when securing dresser drawers so that they don’t fly open during the move.

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Trash bags

These are essential for moving items that might spill during the move, such as shampoo, jam and liquor.

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