Maintenance Checks That Will Make Your Carlsbad Roof Perform At Its Best

Your roof contractor’s job isn’t done the moment they finish putting up your roof. No, you should have them carry out maintenance checks on your roof at least once every year. Such maintenance checks will ensure that you keep your roof in the best condition possible and thereby avoid costly repairs or an early replacement. Here are some maintenance checks that will ensure that your roof is giving you 100% value.


Roof inspection

Your roof is exposed to all manner of conditions and risks all day long, 365 days a year. Some of these risks include the harsh sunlight, snow, sleet, rain, pooling water, mold, algae, dirt, falling debris, and more. Conduct a roof inspection so that a professional can check to see if your roof has any damage that needs to be taken care of before it develops any further.

Maintenance Checks That Will Make Your Carlsbad Roof Perform At Its Best

Insulation Inspection

Your roof and your insulation go hand in hand. If your roof is not well insulated then even your insulated walls will not offer you much comfort inside your home. Your roof is responsible for about 50% of your energy insulation. So have that insulation in your roof or attic checked out once a year to see if it needs a top-up, cleaning, or replacement.

Leak inspection

One of the biggest and most common threats to the efficient functionality of a roof is leaks. And any type of roofing can suffer from leaks. A maintenance check or a leak inspection aims to identify any leaks present so as to keep rot, mold or termites from damaging your roofing supports. The most vulnerable areas are usually the flashing points around chimneys, skylights, and vents.

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Roof cleaning

Having your roof cleaned is part of the maintenance process. Roof cleaning removes harmful growths such as mold and algae that could be causing the deterioration of your roofing structure. It also helps to maintain the aesthetics of your roof by getting rid of all the dust covering it. More importantly, cleaning your roof allows you to harvest clean water during the rain seasons.

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