How To Make Your Attic A Living Place

Almost everyone who has a loft – either the entire home, either the bedroom or the guest room you finally want to edit – is struggling to fix the attic. How to use every centimeter, and at the same time it looks like a whole? How to provide enough light to the attic? How to get details from a dream home?

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Cabinets in the attic

When it comes to wardrobes in the attic, most people decide on custom wardrobes cabinets. The suspended ceiling, roof windows and light greatly limit your capabilities, so it is best to use the tricks and maximize each cm.

Also, if the attic is a small place, paint the cabinets in the same color as the surrounding walls to fit in.

Use literally every millimeter when you are doing custom-fitting cabinets. Before deciding on a simple design of flat cabinets, consider some alternatives such as this wonderful design. Not only looks more interesting, it also creates a shelf.

Hardly accessible angles

While maximizing the suspended ceilings is a wise move, nobody wants to pull the ladder out of the garage, balcony or dining chair every time you need something at a height. Plan it in advance. It can be a great addition to your design.

Think outside the box

Another option to save money and increase storage space is to share space with small pillows and use nice baskets and store things there.

A barrier wall

If you are still in the planning stage, consider the bulkhead to create a walk in closet. If you have an extremely large area, you can do it on both sides of the room and make it easier to decorate the rest of the room. For example. on each side of the closet – one for her, the other for her and him. Place the bed and night cabinets inside the bulkhead. Of course, beware of the amount of light. If windows are only from sloping sides, do not overlap on both sides as you will completely block the light.

A barrier wall No.2

Another way to make a square room is to place a barrier that has open access to the “hidden” closet. Size depends on the size of your room.

new-attic-img.jpg (770×430)

Leave the beams visible

If you have the opportunity to do so and want to give your attic an industrial or rustic stamp, leave visible bearing beams. You can color them in white and create a slightly lighter atmosphere.
If you just want to highlight them, paint them contrary to the color of the wall. Try to match them with the colors of the rest of the carpentry. In order to further create an illusion of size it is advisable to have as bright floor as possible.

Think about decorative ceilings

If you do not have a focal point such as a fireplace, the newly built loft may seem cold and lifeless. So why not take into account the addition of decorative ceilings? They add a sense of warmth and break down boredom.

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