How to Double Your Landing Page Sales?


How to look up Anyone's Email Address? –

How do you see your landing page? According to many successful marketing professionals, you must consider your landing page as a sales patter.

Whether your goal is to offer a service or sell a product or collect the email addresses, you must optimize your landing page as a priority.

When you incorporate several strategies, you can easily convince visitors with your offers.

In this article, we would look at some of the hacks to double your conversions.

Simple Content Layout

When you have a messy content layout, it will distract your audience.

Hence, you must keep the content as simple as possible for your prospects to comprehend it easily.

You may use visual elements such as illustrations to help your prospects understand the details better.

These all help the visitor understand your service or product better and the action they are expected to take next.

If you wish to collect the basic information from your ideal prospects, you must place a contact form or enquiry form.

Besides this, you may even use a straightforward popup form to ask for their name and company domain.

How To Find Anyone’s Email address With Their Name and Company Domain Name?

When you know the first name, last name of a prospect name along with their company domain name, you can easily find anyone’s email address using an email lookup tool like is popular among email marketers for its accuracy rate and excellent customer support.

If you look at its chrome extension, you will see over sixty thousand users using it to locate the email addresses from the LinkedIn platform.

How to look up Anyone's Email Address? –

Testimonials do Wonders

Customer testimonials are a must-have element on a landing page. It serves as a trusting factor to your brand.

By reading the customer’s feedback, any visitor will ease that they are not the first ones to try the product. And when people share how the product helped them with their issue, your new prospects will be able to relate to them and hope that by purchasing your product, they can also benefit.

Create a Sense of Urgency

When you create a feeling of urgency, it makes your prospects feel that they must take action before it’s too late.

Let’s say you are planning to give a discount of 20% on your product. How do you think you can achieve maximum conversion?

I would recommend that you must not make an open announcement about this discount. Instead, you can conduct a free webinar where people first register and then verify their email addresses.

You must ensure that you are providing the utmost value in your webinar, keep the participants engaged, and make them realize that they are not wasting their time with you.

In the last 30 minutes of your webinar, tell them about your product, announce the 20% offer, which is valid until the webinar, share your client success stories.

This will create a great sense of urgency for your prospects.

Use Prominent CTA or Emphasize Your CTA

You may use arrows to highlight your offers prominently. Visitors will notice where the arrow points.

Final Thoughts

By using these landing page hacks, you would make the most out of the website visitors.

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