How To Clean A Laminated Parquet By Yourself

Cleaning of laminated parquet is extremely easy. With just some knowledge, you can clean your laminate yourself effortlessly so you have more time for the rest of your household. The toronto spray foam insulation have been dealing with this type of issues for a very long time and will now give you the right tips to make sure that you clean your floor properly. Once you learn the methods you will see how easy it is and will no longer need help to do it.

But if you feel that you need an assistance, ask for a family member to help you out with the preparation. Then, you will notice that it is pretty simple.

To get started, you’ll need two things:

Microfiber cloth, Mop

First, make sure you have exactly the same rag for this job. The best way to clean laminated parquet is with microfibers. Microfiber brushes slide on the floor to wipe dust and pet hairs. Swivel heads make super-fast cleaning by covering large areas, they can take away the dirt from tables and chairs easily, with just a little water. This, on the other hand, is good because laminates are easily distorted by contact with water.

Cleaning with professional preparations

You can buy a laminate cleaner solution directly from the manufacturer or make one hand with a small proportion of water and detergent.

Either way, it will be necessary to use a spray to clean the pad.

Basic instructions for cleaning laminated parquet

The available materials you will need in all cases are dry microfiber cloth or use a vacuum on wooden floors.

Method of application: Dampen the microfiber pad with warm water and spray the cleaning solution. Wipe the floor when the microfiber pad gets too dirty just – rinse, replace and continue cleaning the floor.

When done, rinse a microfiber pad and put it in the sanitary wash

Cleaning of laminated parquet with a sponge is not recommended. On the one hand, it absorbs and retains most microbes, and on the other hand it does not absorb all moisture from the surface. As a result, drops of water remain in the lamina slit and so there is a risk of inflating. The latter is dangerous on the wooden floor.

If moisture penetrates the core of laminate, it can twist the laminate floors over time.

No matter what the manufacturer is, the floor seal is built on the same principle. In case you have waterproof laminated parquet, it is not recommended to use a string or sponge mop for flooring.

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