How Financial Products are Evolving into the Digital Space

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency

Those with their fingers on the pulse already know that finances are going digital. Here’s how they are changing to accommodate the digital era.

Just like every other product we exchange in our lives; financial products are going digital. There are multiple ways they are doing this, and each one of them helps the borrower to feel more in control of their financial decisions. Digital financial products give the impression of increased control and allow us to stay up to date with financial developments in our own lives.

Here’s how financial products are turning digital and why that’s no bad thing.

The Digital Evolution of Financial Products

We can hear the questions already. Digital products can be financial, it’s true. We could point towards the obvious evidence that Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency are contributing in this specific field, but we want to apply the digital evolution of financial products to the services that we use every day, instead.

To make the digital evolution of your financial products more relatable, we only need to look as far as online banking. Here in the UK, online banking products provided by the likes of TSB and Nationwide, are allowing both banks and building societies to garner client loyalty[i]. If you can bank online, in their off-hours, then you can have a fuller banking experience.

More decisions can be made electronically, such as overdraft approval and loan applications. With the use of internet banking, you can even keep track of individual loan products and how much you owe. In the case of the HELOC products offered by, this means you can track what you owe and what you have repaid online.

This HELOC product lets you digitally track how much you have borrowed, what you need to pay back, and what your total amount to spend might be. This is a unique way of borrowing for the UK consumer, since these loan types have only just been introduced here. Previously a favourite of American borrowers, the HELOC lets you borrow money against the total value of your home. All of this is made far easier, of course, when you can keep track of it digitally.

There’s an App for That…

The future of the digital financial product evidently lies in apps. Now, we can already keep track of and improve our own credit score using apps, which has had a huge degree of success across the personal finance sector. It won’t be long before more of our financial products use this modern way of keeping track of financials, as a method of upselling personal financial products. The finance sector has gone so far as to dub these ‘super-apps as they will oversee all financial products in one place.

This digital evolution of the financial product will only continue with Gen Z, who are focused almost entirely on the online workspace. If they are not able to keep track of a financial product using their phone, tablet, or laptop, they are going to opt for other services. This is something that new product developers should take into consideration over the coming years.

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