Five Tips On Maintaining Refrigeration Systems In The Summer

Your refrigeration system is going to be under duress in the summer and that’s normal. A lot of work goes into running the system and that’s why all of the parts are designed to handle this increase in external temperature. During the colder months, it’s a lot easier to manage the refrigeration system as it is going to be surrounded by cool air and a temperature that’s more in line with the internal settings. However, when summer rolls around, it starts to change and that’s why it’s best to maintain the system with a bit of patience.

Here are the most important tips on maintaining a refrigeration system

1) Create a Baseline and Track Everything

A baseline is a good idea for those who want to make sure they are able to track everything. There are so many people that don’t track as much as they need to, which is one of the main struggles people have. You want to take the time to create a baseline and ensure it is in line with what needs to be done.

A baseline is going to provide the level of control a person needs in this day and age. You will be able to track whether or not there are issues that need to be dealt with.

2) Do a Paper Strip Test

Yes, a paper strip test is one of the best options to have up your sleeve. The idea is to get a piece of paper and put it through a “seal” in the door.

If it is able to pass through without struggle, you will know it is time to change the seal because it is broken. Nothing should be able to penetrate through or it is going to ruin the internal temperature. During the summer, you will want to be on top of this as that is when warm air can start to filter into the system. You want to be smart and make sure to run various tests with regards to the paper strip. You want to see whether certain parts of the refrigeration system don’t work as they should or may be failing. This happens when you make use of the strip test to see whether there are hidden issues that may have been ignored in the past. As long as you are able to solidify the seal, you are going to have a good system and most problems will go away as soon as you want them to.

3) Move System To Coolest Part of the Property

Where is the refrigeration system set up as of right now? In the cooler months, it is not going to matter as much because the natural temperature is lower. However, in the summer, you are not going to have this luxury and that is going to have a detrimental impact on how the system does as a whole. Therefore, you want to take the opportunity to move the system if possible.

In some cases, you will not be able to do this or you will not want to do this. However, if it is a possibility, you should take a look at maximizing the way your property is set up.

4) Use Strip Curtains

Strip curtains are used by millions of people around the world during the warmer months. The idea behind using these curtains is to protect the external layer of the refrigeration system and ensure it is being protected against warm air. This is an ideal way to keep the refrigeration system in a cold bubble that is essential for its longevity. The moment you assume it is going to be okay on its own is when the system will start to create problems. There are so many examples of systems that could have been saved with the right placement of strip curtains.

bluon-tdx-20-vs-r20-refrigerant.png (680×458)

Take a look at getting some of these installed as soon as you get the opportunity. in commercial settings, there is no better option than to make use of strip curtains because they will offer a tremendous amount of control as soon as you want. There are other solutions that can provide minimal protection but when it comes to maintenance, you want to act with an eye towards prevention. if the refrigeration system is under regular duress in the summer, it will start to break down on you. Implement these curtains and you are going to be safe.

5) Test the Power Source

Yes, the power source is going to be under heavy use during the summer. Since the system has to maintain a regulated temperature as determined in advance, you’ll need to keep an eye on the actual power usage metrics. This is in line with the first tip as you want to keep track of this at various points to see if there are fluctuations in your numbers. Eventually, you will be able to pinpoint whether there is a problem with the power source or not.

A lot of people are put into this situation and don’t know what to look for, which can lead them to make a mistake and not changing the power source as soon as they were supposed to. Instead of letting this happen, you want to get on top of this and make sure to test the power source properly. Take your time with this step and you will have a good system on your hands.

These are the tips from Bluon Energy that are going to ensure your refrigeration system is in good shape all year. Yes, there are going to be additional maintenance requirements that have to be kept in mind but these are the main details you have to focus on. As long as you are doing this, the refrigeration system is going to be in good shape and is going to keep everything as cool as it is supposed to. Otherwise, you may end up with something that continues to falter as soon as the temperature rises. Concentrate on these tips and you will be well on your way.

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