Choosing the Right Carpet and Rugs for Your Living Space

Living Space

Exquisite accessory for your interior, a Carpet or Rugs play an important role in lifting the look of your interior décor. Choosing a perfect floor covering requires a lot of detailed attention. You would want a carpet or rug that compliments your interior décor and adds style to your space. Each floor covering has something new to offer and can transform your interior in unique ways. If you have a wall-to-wall carpet, layering it with an area rug will help in noise reduction and will additionally bring a pop of colour, texture and pattern to your bedroom space. But the main question is how do you pick out the right carpet or rug for your living space? What size is the best fit? What colour or texture suits your interior décor style? Read on to know the answer to these questions and figure out how to pick a perfect carpet or rug for your home.

Before Picking out your Carpet or Rug, Consider the Following Points:

What Material do you want?


Choosing the right type of material is an essential task, as it determines the texture it displays and the amount of comfort it provides. If you want a floor covering which has easy maintenance, go for flat weaves such as Sisal Rugs. If you want a glamorous appeal in your room, choose Silk and Viscose material which is sure to add a certain shimmer to your room. But if you have pets that bring dirt and dust to the room, your silk rug will start showing wear. If you want floor covering that is durable, easy to maintain then Polypropylene and Wool are your best bet.

What size?


The main point of consideration while choosing a carpet or rug for your home is the size! If you are looking to buy a rug for your bedroom, make sure to consider its size following your bed. If your bed is not placed against the wall, it should have 36 inches of space on each side so that you can make your way around it. Stay within that border, and just measure the width and length of the place where your wish to place your rug. You can also go for multiple area rugs if you have a larger bedroom that has the space for the seating area, vanity or desk.

What purpose will your Rug serve?


Do you want to place your rug in the children’s room or near the bathroom? Is it going to be used as a complementing décor piece in your dining room? Think where you want your rug and then decide upon the material.

Where do you want to place your Carpet?

In Bedroom:


Your rug should at least extend for 2 feet beyond the edge of your bed so that when you get off your bed your feet should immediately be greeted by the soft texture of the rug. If you have a bench or a trunk at the end of your bed, just add afoot to your rug’s length.

For bedroom rugs, you’ll just need that the legs of your footboards reach your rug. You can also go for runners on the sides of the bed, as they are cost-effective and have a great visual appeal. You can also go for multiple area rugs if you have a larger bedroom that has the space for the seating area, vanity or desk.

In Living Room:


The living room is the common room in a house where your family can relax and unwind after a day’s work. A living room should be a place where all your guests feel most welcome and at home, it should serve as a resting place as well as to receive guests. When you are furnishing your living room with living room rugs, it’s important to make it relaxed, approachable and beautiful. For example- for a rustic look in your living room, pair an oriental rug with some antique furniture and classy accessories, which will give your living room an air of splendour and magnificence.

In Dining Room:


Laying a dining room rugs are essential as it matches your lifestyle with your existing décor. Choosing a boho-chic rug for your dining room can prove to be refreshing and invigorating if you’re into low-lying table settings and ample floor cushions and lanterns. If you want to create a light, airy and relaxed dining space, go for coastal rugs and décor which keeps things easy going.



Choosing a rug that provides a sense of fashion and functionality is a must for outdoor spaces. You can bring a pop of colour by matching your outdoor rugs with the décor items such as hammock or cushions, the plants or the lights set. For an ultra-modern finish try a striped rug in monochromatic tones which will accentuate your outdoor décor.

How to use them in an Open Floor Plan?


The open concept makes homes feel more spacious and allows for more flexibility for interior design. However, having such a large space needs definition and area rugs can be used for that purpose. The easiest way to coordinate multiple rugs is to have them match. This separates the spaces while creating harmony. It’s a classic option that is pretty much no-fail as long as the colour of the rugs coordinates with the rest of your decor.

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