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The climate is changing, and it’s important that we take steps to reduce our dependence on non-renewable energy sources as much as possible. But what does this mean for you? How can you take steps to help the environment? One way is to invest in solar systems projects for your home and/or business.

Solar Systems

If you own a home or rental properties, investing in residential solar energy is a great idea. The sun provides the earth with much more energy than we can use every day, and harnessing some of it for use in a home makes sense. In a home, you can use passive solar heating, which issun coming in through windows, solar water heating, and solar electricity production. Your home may be able to support all three types of solar energy use, or perhaps none of them if there is too much shade around it. We offer solar water heating and solar electricity generation. With windows facing south, your home can capture the sun’s energy and turn it into heat for your home.

Solar Systems

Solar water heating is one type of solar energy that can be used for commercial as well as residential applications. It can be used for hot water, space heating, and heating pools. Restaurants and laundry facilities can especially benefit from solar thermal energy. While solar hot water systems are not as popular as they once were since solar electric projects have become more affordable and we now have affordable heat pump water heaters, it is still the most efficient use of space on your roof per unit of energy provided.

A solar electric system can give your home or business power in a variety of ways. These systems will create energy that any item in the building that uses electricity can use. This is a great option for buildings that have regular power outages, and these systems can also serve as back-up power. Batteries are cheaper than ever now, and you can use them for delivering power when it becomes dark.

Solar Systems

With a solar electric system, your electric utility will store your extra solar production. More and more, however, battery storage is becoming affordable and user-friendly, and solar and battery storage together is an expanding part of the solar energy market with many advantages.

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