Best Tips & Treatments For Crickets

Even though these crickets are harmless, their noise can turn any home into a nightmare; their ear-piercing sounds can give anyone sleepless nights if not dealt with on time. The sounds are more prevalent during summertime than any other season. Unfortunately, crickets, just like other pests love to reproduce inside the house, and they can destroy clothing, furniture, walls and paper products. However, you can get rid of crickets with our best tips and treatments for crickets.

How to catch crickets with bait

If your home is already infested with crickets, you can catch them with this method of luring them from crevices and corners; the result is immediate and effective.

First, you need a few spoonfuls of molasses, a shallow bowl, and water

Treatments For Crickets


Fill the shallow bowl halfway with water, and put a few spoonfuls of molasses inside the container. Place the bowl in the infested room(s) and watch the magic happens; crickets are suckers for molasses, they love the smell. As soon as they hop inside the bowl, empty the bowl far from your home and repeat the process until you have the desired result.

Secondly, you can use chemical cricket bait to reduce the population of crickets in your home. The chemical baits are sold in hardware stores, however, ensure your loved ones, and pets do not go close to it because of its toxicity.

Treatments For Crickets

Bug sprays

Bug sprays are effective, but you need to check the content to make sure it does not have an adverse effect on your health as well as your pets. It is advisable to choose an all-purpose spray if you have more than one type of pests disturbing your home or preferably get a bug spray specifically designed to get rid of crickets. Spray in corners, along windowsills and other places with high activity of crickets.

Set sticky glue traps

Sticky glue traps are non-toxic, and they are the most preferred for homes with toddlers, kids, and pets. Place the stick glue traps along problem areas such as doorways, walls, windows or moist places in the house.

Treatments For Crickets

Remove the eggs

It is not enough to get rid of adult crickets from your home; you also need to get rid of the eggs. Adult crickets lay eggs inside the house that can cause an infestation.

Get sprays that can also kill eggs and not just the adult crickets. Spray along baseboards and trims where crickets are likely to lay eggs


Vacuum the areas with a vacuum cleaner regularly; make sure the cleaner has a high-efficiency particulate air filter. This types of vacuum cleaners are powerful enough to pull the eggs from the carpets or any other places they may have been laid. Empty the vacuum contents in a sealed plastic bag.

Treatments For Crickets

How to remove cricket-nesting areas

One of the effective ways to prevent crickets from nesting in your home is to seal your windows, doors, cracks, and crevices. Do not leave any hole uncovered no matter how tiny it is; crickets can find their way through the smallest cracks. Furthermore, use caulks to seal up cracks, crevices in your walls. Also, make sure the vents have screens or replace torn screens with new ones.

  • Other ways to prevent crickets from invading your environment
  • Store woods away from the house
  • Clean gutters, drains, and remove leaves that may have piled up
  • Trim plants, and mow the lawn; crickets build their nests in tall grasses

However, if you do not have the time or you prefer to hire someone to exterminate all kinds of pests from your home or garden, ensure to hire the best professional pest control service near you.

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