9 Ways to Make Your Kitchen Stand Out From the Crowd

9 Ways to Make Your Kitchen Stand Out From the Crowd

Are you looking for a way to take your kitchen from mundane to exciting? Are you bored with sterile and uncreative suburban kitchen designs? Do you seek to add color and style to this room? Here are some fun ideas to help your kitchen become a unique and stylish representation of your own personality and creativity.

Showcase Appliances

Appliances can range from ordinary to eye-catching and can be one way to make your kitchen stand out. If you are looking for splashes of color, appliances can be purchased in a rainbow of hues. Vintage appliances are commonly featured in bright colors such as yellow, red, and turquoise, but ordinary appliances can also come in a variety of colors and styles.

While you are considering appliances, don’t forget small appliances and built-in features like stove hoods and microwaves. Small appliances can be tucked out of the way in storage areas, but why not buy unique and attractive versions and display them instead? Eye-catching range hoods can be used to bring attention to the central area of the kitchen.

Throw in a Pop of Color

Adding an unexpected bright pop of color is one of the best ways to change up the feeling in your kitchen. Because you can easily add color with accessories and other temporary things, it’s fast and inexpensive to change them with your moods or the season. Accessories like a canister of brightly colored cooking utensils, a green plant on a windowsill, and a few new pictures on a wall can be changed on a whim.

If you want more permanent splashes of color, there are easy and fast ways to do that, too. Painting a wall is relatively quick and inexpensive and can make a big change. Multi-colored chairs or bar stools can be a focal point for the whole room and set the stage for other, smaller, color additions. For a more permanent color option, consider brightly colored backsplash tile or cheerful appliances.

Add Vintage Accents

Vintage accents can bring color and style into an otherwise boring room. Depending on the era you choose, vintage accents can be bright and mid-century modern, old-fashioned antiques, or rustic and homey. If you want to incorporate a few vintage accents like antique vases, midcentury art, or rustic farm tools, make sure they fit with your overall look and that they add, rather than detract, from your style.

Touchable Texture

Kitchens are often filled with smooth, washable surfaces, from shiny appliances to silky smooth countertops to glossy floors. Touchable texture can become a focal point or add variety even if you do it in a subtle way. Rattan bar stools can add touchable texture to your island. A rough brick or unfinished tile backsplash draws attention as well-just make sure it’s washable. Rough barn wood shelves can be a good addition to a farmhouse-style kitchen or add a contracting element to a more modern look.

Unexpected Light Fixture

Adding an unexpected, unique, or extravagant light fixture is a fun way to create a focal point in your kitchen. Light fixtures can be made in many unique ways, unlike features such as flooring or countertops that are usually all the same general shape and size. This means that light fixtures can be one of the most unique and creative things you can add to your kitchen. If you can’t find something exactly right for your personality, you can even make one of your own from reclaimed materials or have one custom-made for you.

Change up the Seating

Seating is one of the easiest things to change in any room. Out with the old, in with the new, no construction mess required! If you are tired of your kitchen style or feel like a change is in order, consider refinishing or purchasing a new dining room set or bar stools. Since most kitchen island bars face inwards, the chairs are one of the most visible features when looking into the kitchen from other rooms. It is easy to see why changing the stools or chairs can be the fastest way to get a dramatic new look.

Utilize Dramatic Artwork

Dramatic, brightly colored, or large artwork can add a whole new vibe to a kitchen. Assuming you have the wall space for artwork, this is a fast and easy way to change up the room or create a unique feel. If you aren’t sure what style or look you are wanting, one way to get started is to choose a dramatic piece of artwork that speaks to you and use that to guide the rest of your accessory, color, and style choices for the room.

Black is In

Black isn’t a traditional color for kitchen cabinets, walls, or backsplashes. It can be a dramatic or understated color depending on how it is used. Black accent walls or cabinets can be effective in creating a modern or eye-catching look but it must be done in a way that doesn’t make the room look too small or dark. This is why it’s especially effective in open-floor-plan homes where the kitchen is just one part of a larger room. It can help anchor and distinguish the kitchen in these larger areas and doesn’t overwhelm as it can in smaller rooms.


If you are looking to change your kitchen, add luxury features, or make a unique statement, there are many ways to do that. Some methods are cheap and easy, while others involve remodeling and repainting. No matter what you choose to do to this room, adding personality and style will make you feel more at home and make your kitchen a place you enjoy working and spending time in.

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