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Wrath of Israel

London 2012 Olympic Games create controversy in Israel

David or Goliath?

Alex Gilady
Israeli IOC Member

Alex Gilady
Israeli IOC Member

How many medals did Israel win in the Olympic Games? The truth ruth is that not even Israelis care about that. The London 2012 Olympic Games became a controversial topic in Israel, despite their Zion-like logo, due to a very different issue. These days, the Wrath of Israel is concentrated on Alex Gilady, the Israeli member of the International Olympic Committee. He vaguely resembles Israel’s President Shimon Peres; not as much in his physical characteristics, but in what looks like an incredible capability to stick to senior political positions for eons. Gilady has been a member of the IOC since 1994, and—if the current affair calms down—is unlikely to leave his position anytime soon. Against all odds, this proud Zionist opposed Israel’s request to commemorate the 1972 Munich Massacre with a minute of silence at the opening ceremony. Next week, the event will be commemorated by the IOC in a separate event.

Before taking the narrative back to 1972, it is important to know that the families of the eleven murdered sportsmen didn’t request a moment of silence until 1996. It took them twenty-four years after the massacre to think about it; this is a clear sign that this is not an important issue. Invariably, the request has been denied. Invariably, a separate ceremony takes place, so that the families cannot claim they have been forgotten. I would like to see the IOC caring so much about the millions of living refugees forgotten in every corner of this planet. Having said that, let’s see why the Israeli request is indecent.

Munich Massacre
Iconic Image

Munich Massacre
Iconic Image

The Munich Massacre took place during the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, which was then part of West Germany. On September 5, eleven members of the Israeli Olympic Team—athletes and coaches—were taken hostage and killed during Operation Ikrit and Biram, performed by a group named “Black September.” A German police officer was also killed. Five of the eight members of Black September were killed during a failed rescue attempt; the three surviving ones were captured but later released by West Germany following the hijacking of a Lufthansa airliner by their organization. Israel’s answer was violent. Its highest level of operation is known as “Operation Wrath of God,” which included several independent actions. Its goal was to assassinate individuals alleged to have been directly or indirectly involved in the Munich Massacre. Neither legal procedure nor legal defense was allowed to the accused.

One of the best known smaller events within Operation Wrath of God, is known as Operation Spring of Youth. It was led by Ehud Barak, presently Israel’s Minister of Defense. On April 9, 1973, combined IDF-Mossad teams attacked several targets in Sidon and Beirut. Barak is famous for having arrived disguised as an old, overweight lady dressed up in typical Lebanese garments. Three prominent Palestinian leaders and several others were assassinated; Yasser Arafat survived. Another cornerstone of Operation Wrath of God is known as the Lillehammer Affair. On July 21, 1973, Mossad agents assassinated a Moroccan waiter, Ahmed Bouchiki, in Lillehammer, Norway, after having mistaken him for Ali Hassan Salameh, Black September’s Chief of Operations. The Mossad team was captured and convicted in Norway. In the following years, a full-fledged war between Israelis and Palestinians took place all over Europe. Operation Wrath of God brought no justice to the victims. It brought no peace. As such, the Israeli reaction was a failure. It wasn’t the wrath of a caring God, but the Wrath of a Brute Criminal.

Munich Massacre | Memorial

Munich Massacre | Memorial

Incessant Zionist Clatter

This violent struggle between Palestinians and Israelis is odd. Both sides claimed to be a weak David fighting a mighty Goliath. Both sides engaged in methods that cannot be considered in any way as legitimate warfare. Yet, there was a difference. The Palestinians took hostages in the hope of liberating some of their prisoners, who hadn’t got fair trials in Israel. From that point onwards, their operation deteriorated, and unplanned, undesired deaths, took place. Israel—poor Goliath!—took a cold-blooded decision to assassinate specific people belonging to the other side without allowing them a proper legal process. Israel scrapped the rule of law, banned all signs of human culture. Israel likes to define itself as the “People of the Book,” but in what it called Operation Wrath of God it consciously rejected all the merciful teachings of its God, for the sake of vicious revenge.

If Israel had not decided to begin a savage revenge against people whom nobody knows were guilty of anything, then I could understand a minute of silence for the Munich Massacre victims. However, the deaths were the direct result of the clumsy rescue attempt (a real rescue would have meant the release of the misjudged prisoners in Israeli prisons). At that moment Israel descended into the lowest savagery in order to carry out its revenge, it lost the right to present itself as a rightful David struggling against a vicious Goliath. In fact, Israel was more violent than its opponent, clearly trespassing all boundaries set by international and national laws. Even if it took place within its fiefdom, should the IOC commemorate a single battle within this foreign war with a minute of silence?

Article 2 of the Fundamental Principles of Olympism in the Olympic Charter states: “The goal of Olympism is to place sport at the service of the harmonious development of humankind, with a view to promoting a peaceful society concerned with the preservation of human dignity.” Remembering the Munich Massacre means remembering also the shameful Operation Wrath of God; this opposes the promotion of a peaceful society. This opposes the harmonious development of humankind. This promotes illegitimate violence. This promotes the bypassing of all fair legal procedures for the sake of a populist, Coliseum-styled, Emperor-backed justice. Bring on the lions and gag the victims! Only Israel is to be blamed for the desecration of its victims’ memory. Israel linked the memories of fallen athletes with unjustifiable crimes. In their incessant, mindless clatter, they have lost the right to be listened to in respectful silence.

5 Responses to Wrath of Israel

  1. who_me August 2, 2012 at 2:14 am #

    israel shouldn’t be in the olympics. it’s not a legit country.

    • Blake August 2, 2012 at 7:09 pm #

      And note they use their western media to turn the Olympics into all about them.

      • who_me August 3, 2012 at 12:04 am #

        israel may try to do that, but actual american media coverage (brought to you by those nice folks at jp) of the olympics is very american centric, or was. it’s all about american athletes and their wins, and how the unspeakable “foreigners” cheat. it’s really disgusting excrement, and quite unwatchable. so i no longer watch american coverage of the event, at all.

        back in the 90’s, i watched some spanish coverage of the olympics, a swim event. the comparison between the way they covered it, and the style of the jewish run american coverage was like night and day. the spanish provided an impartial reportage on the merits of the swimmers, there wasn’t any of the usual nationalistic bum-bassity one sees in the jewish run american media coverage.

        as the israelis do poorly at the olympics, one is tempted they stage terrorist acts to get some attention. 😉 the jewish-american media coverage of israel may be a lot greater now, as opposed to the 90’s, the last time i paid attention, due to jp being imbued with more chutzpah now, but back then, i didn’t see israeli athletes mentioned much. but, this might be due to their not winning anything*, and covering losers would reflect badly on the jp uber alles propaganda model.

        * unfortunately for israelis, events such as mass murder, killing unarmed women and children, child rape, homosexual rape, human organ trafficking, torture, organised crime, massive fraud, etc. are not olympic events. if they were, israel would nab all the gold medals.

        • fool me once... August 3, 2012 at 12:51 am #


  2. Blake August 2, 2012 at 7:11 pm #

    So one event makes the Palestinians violent? Let’s not forget they are an occupied people and oppressed by those impostors who brought violence to their idyllic lives and turned them upside down for 64 years thus far.

    Jacob J Nammar, “Born in Jerusalem, Born Palestinian: A memoir”. Born in 1941 first 7 years of his life was idyllic. Page 1-45 you think to yourself what a great place Palestine is, of God’s love to a Christian family , of Palestinians who love each other, part of a Palestinian culture that had regard for other people and regard for the land but beginning with Chapter 4 (an attack on my school bus), then in chap 5 a day before his 7th birthday where he talks about the idyllic world he lived in as a child suddenly became an inferno, you know the rest.