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Tibet and the global economy: is today’s China poisoning the West?

Dharamshala — The democratic ideals of freedom and liberty that the world enjoy today were won through a decades-long struggle. However, despite the values of respect for human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, the rule of law and human rights, a popular future slogan may arise among the Western world who fought for these principles: “Today’s […]

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UK’s Muslim Manifesto and the roots of Islamophobia

“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” ~ George Orwell (1903-1950) ~ As the quagmire of hate and discrimination becomes deeper, faced with marginalization at all levels from unemployment, wealth, education, poor housing, and growing numbers in Prison, Muslims in Britain have ‘democratically’ decided, not to join ISIS as […]

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Chinese colonisation: How many will China transfer to Tibet?

Dharamshala: – There was further disappointment for Tibetans and supporters across the world at the beginning of 2015 to see China’s announcement of planning to increase the Han-Chinese population into Tibet by 30 percent by 2020 — a total of approximately 280,000 new arrivals, strengthening China’s rule of terror and worsening the cultural genocide. The […]

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Belated Holocaust Remembrance

Belated Holocaust Remembrance

Due to unforeseen circumstances (heavy rains and thunderstorms that tore my Santa Rita and hibiscus) I was unable to devote the time to properly observe the International Holocaust Remembrance Day yesterday. I offer this belated but sincere post now: the open letter of a Jewish French historian, Dr. Roger Dommergue Polacco de Menasce, to Steven Spielberg. […]

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Internet Use — Longer Prison Sentence

Using the internet is an aggravating circumstance of the crime of “apology of terrorism” says Article 4 of the Law against Terrorism adopted by the National Assembly of France, which intensifies the repression against “apology of terrorism” and makes internet usage associated with such “apology” an aggravating circumstance leading to a harsher penal sentence. The deputies adopted […]

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Rita Katz -- Beheading of the Japanese Constitution

Rita Katz — Beheading of the Japanese Constitution

[Ed. Note: In this video, Rita Katz talks about the extraordinary achievement of her “organization” of not only obtaining the videos of the infamous beheadings which no intelligence agency has been able to obtain (she says she knows where to look for them”), but also on occasion releasing such videos before the “islamic terrorists” themselves manage to […]

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Fake Degrees and Commercialisation of Universities

Internet advertisements blatantly offer fake degrees. We are not talking about bog-standard pieces of paper, but of ones that are  ‘authentic and very realistic looking … from colleges and universities worldwide’, which will give you ‘that extra edge’, and come with ‘authentic seals from the college or university of your choice’. The ‘instant graduate’ can […]

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Japan: 'ISIS Crap Photoshop' Contest

Japan: ‘ISIS Crap Photoshop’ Contest

  Japan’s ISIS Crap Photoshop Grand Prix is Hitting the “ISIS™” Psyop Where it Hurts Originally published in American Everyman by Scott Creighton The Japanese have responded to the latest “ISIS™” Crisis in style with what’s being called the “ISIS Crap Photoshop Grand Prix.” In response to the ridiculously crafted fake beheading videos, Japanese bloggers […]

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Islamophobia Recipe

Islamophobia and pogonophobia (fear of beards), says Jonathon, are rampant. Let’s take a look at them. Pogonophobia.. This beard scares me: This one does not: People should use more discernment then when looking at beards. Islamophobia is the end product of a time-tested Jewish recipe: TAKE: * One part Jewish wars waged by the Coallition of […]

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Je Suis Charlie, Islamophobia and the resurgence of Al Qaeda

The aftermath of the Paris attack, predictably resulted in a wave of Islamophobia sweeping across Europe with hundreds of anti Islam incidences reported, including shootings and grenades thrown at Islamic buildings; in Dresden alone 25,000 people marched calling for death and expulsion of Muslims. While tweeting Je Suis Charlie many have also be sending #killallMuslims […]

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Spitting on Other People’s Prophets

Spitting On Other People’s Prophets Is Not A Western Value By Gilad Atzmon In a BBC interview following the Charlie Hebdo Massacre, Jewish Chronicle writer David Aaronovitch advised those who do not approve of ‘freedom of speech’ to ‘move to Pakistan.’ It is not surprising to find a Zionist Jew advocating voluntary cleansing; after all, […]

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Chemtrails: The Secret War against the Planet

Chemtrails: The Secret War against the Planet

Chemtrails: the Secret War It is a war against the whole planet, done for immediate profit, which turns the earth into a closed greenhouse that entraps heat, poisons the soil and water with chemicals that are damaging to the nervous system of humans and animals, uses infectious organisms like Eschericia coli to form “water nuclei” in […]

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Jewish Insanity Unbound - New Test for Germany

Jewish Insanity Unbound – New Test for Germany

Jewish collective insanity, like any individual psychopathy and sociopathy left untreated, follows its natural course. From symptoms that were at first concealed through subterfuge by the sociopath, practiced in miming the behavior of the community he preys upon, it has evolved, due to lack of externally imposed boundaries, interdiction and indeed met with general acceptance, […]

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CIA Financial Attacks on Russia, Venezuela

Industrial sabotage, ruinous technological methods of oil extraction introduced by American “experts” into Saudi Arabia (aided by the ignorance of the Saudis of their own national industry) to create an oil glut and depress prices, currency manipulation, sanctions and economic blockade are all tools used by the Anglo-zionist empire to devastate Russia’s and Venzuela’s economies and […]

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Bankster International

Bankster International is the title of an article by Mark Hackard, posted by the Saker (photos added), which looks into the web of the “cosmopolitan” parasitic elite that manipulates world finances with a view to destroy the economies of nations resisting takeover, as the currently unfolding currency manipulations combined with sanctions against Russia illustrate. by Mark […]

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Mike King: Obama to Release Torture Report

TUESDAY / DECEMBER 9, 2014 NY Times: Obama Administration and G.O.P. Clash Over Torture Report By MARK LANDLER and PETER BAKER As some officials expressed fears of violent reprisals, the White House acknowledged “some risk” and a desire for transparency. REBUTTAL BY     As The Anti-New York Times has explained on numerous occasions, there […]

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The Holocaust Museum Index

The Holocaust Museum Index is a useful indicator of a country’s compliance with the Judeolatry imposed by Jewish power on the Western world. France has just agreed to pay $60 million in compensation to hundreds of American survivors of the Holocaust who were deported to concentration camps using the country’s trains. If the survivors are deceased […]

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The Unholy Trinity

The Unholy Trinity by Konrad Some people say the problem is Jews… Some people say the problem is neo-liberalism. Some people say the problem is that most nations have become fascist police states. All three groups are correct, but each group has only a third of the truth. Let’s clear this up… (PREVIEW: the takeaway […]

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Israel in Ukraine

Israel’s Secret Plan for a «Second Israel» in Ukraine by Wayne MADSEN  The Times of Israel, an independent Israeli newspaper that counts among its staff a number of former reporters for the Israeli daily Ha’aretz, published a fascinating but largely overlooked story datelined Jerusalem and Zhitomir, Ukraine, March 16, 2014, and which was written by […]

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