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Why Israel wants War with Iran

Manufacturing war in the 21st century gets easier as the years roll on.

1.The first big war the Afghanistan war simple enough; 9/11 provided all the justification for War based on the premise that the grand Architect of 9/11 and his followers were hiding out there, planning more mischief. The Motive was revenge for 9/11. The real reason for the Afganistan war was Resources, vast untapped mineral resources, lots of opium, and sweeping security changes the world over. Coincidentally Israel began building its ‘security barrier’.

2.The Iraq war was much more complex to make it happen. Sadam Hussein was not doing anything dangerous at the time…but he may have the intention in the future of using WMD. Weapons of Mass Destruction. This became the excuse and the farce of that war then came to pass which then killed many. Real reasons for the war resources again.

We make war that we may live in peace.. Aristotle

bombing for peace3.The third big war looks like it will be the Iran war. We are being told by various ‘un-named sources’ in those compliant media orifices that “Plans are being made for war with IRAN”. WTF!!! Plans@! What about the debate, Parliament, JIC reports and all that… No dossier to sex up or anything! It’s just – oh and by the way Britain, Israel, & US are going to war with IRAN! It seems clear that Britain, Israel and US are now one entity.

Sadly, we like Greece have been taken over by Foreign “advisers” and the Foreign Policies are their foreign policies not the citizens of the UK itself. What a travesty. Ultimately Israel wants war with anybody that makes her nervous. Israel believes in “Peace through Strength” and that is their curse, because anybody who asserts themselves in strength becomes seen by Israel as a threat, which is just paranoid and very dangerous.

Finally, “Peace through strength AND clarity” is obviously a fallacy, peace should be independent of all things and not dependant upon the security of weapons and defences. Peace through strength is like peace with a weapon, fine until someone else gets a weapon. True peace is beyond weapons and war. Peace does not come from strength but is born of understanding and compassion for all beings. Peace through compassion for all beings.

“Peace through strength AND clarity”

Herman Cain on Israel, foreign policy and strategy towards Iran
*Note the Heritage Foundation in the background had links to Adam Werritty, Liam Fox and Atlantic Bridge.

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