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War and Propaganda

The following is a short documentary on atrocity propaganda and how it is used to convince people to go to war. The title of the film is Nazi Shrunken Heads – A Video About Lies Which Justify War. It was produced by Dean Irebodd (aka DenierBud).

2 Responses to War and Propaganda

  1. Somoe April 1, 2013 at 9:15 am #

    An excellent post, many thanks. As we see the war machine being rolled out again and the Koreans being vilified this time, this really must be widely shown, particularly in the US and UK! It is time to end all the lies.

  2. David Holden April 2, 2013 at 12:51 am #

    the problem is deeper, since people refuse to look at the evidence, or if they look to dismiss its implications very forcefully, so conditioned are they to believe in lies.

    in our age one major cause of this is putting little kids in front of the TV, often before they are even old enough to speak. this makes the kids feel the TV is a third parent. since the parents have done this there is a huge psychological barrier to questioning the veracity of TV. if they admitted TV is full of lies and propaganda, they would also be admitting that they were very bad parents. thus two generations are enmeshed by the same trap in different ways.

    a microcosm of this is the TV “ads” with all their cleverly contrived silly voices, cartoon animals, and role-modelling, the latter meshing in with the pseudomythology of the soaps. and this dreadful garbage people actually come to “love”, just as they are trapped into a nexus of involvement with consumer products. and this state of sentimental delusion is the modern watered-down “religion” of the Western masses. they have great toys, but are spiritually emasculated and enslaved mentally rather than physically.

    lost. very lost. and if they don’t wake up, doomed, hypnotised like the proverbial bird in front of a predatory snake.