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USA and Israel Extortion Croatia

Demand from Croatia to admit WWII crimes before joining European Union



For a second I was so puzzled that I opened just to make sure that today was June 22, 2012. Yet, the interview I had just read in the Israeli newspaper Haaretz seemed taken from the 1950s. Yesterday, former Under Secretary of State Stuart E. Eizenstat—who served in the Clinton Administration—told the newspaper that the EU must encourage Croatia and Serbia to take responsibility for their roles in the Holocaust before granting them EU membership. His name is little known, but Mr. Eizenstat negotiated agreements with Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France, and other European countries with regard to restitution of property, compensation for slavery, recovery of looted art and bank accounts, and payment of insurance policies for Holocaust victims. He was also the American ambassador to the EU between 1993 and 1996. In other words, we are speaking with a formal expert on the issue; moreover, Haaretz is known in Israel as the Voice of the Shin Beth. In other words, the interview was a thinly disguised exposition of the official American-Israeli policy. Expectedly, the Israeli newspaper—for reasons to be explained—emphasized Croatia. The encounter took place during the President’s Conference in Jerusalem; despite the Croatian President being also present, Haaretz found an excuse to avoid an interview with the current expiatory goat of Israel. Even the Israeli journalist was aware of the atrocity he and the distinguished American gentleman had committed.

The Accusations



Croatia’s President Ivo Josipovic issued in February 2012 an apology for his country’s role in the crimes committed against the Jews during the Second World War. Of course, the Republic of Croatia became independent only in 1991, many years after the WWII ended; this was not an obstacle for Israel and the USA, which greedily accepted the apology. Mr. Eizenstat told Haaretz “it is time for Croatia to commence a restitution program and the formation of an independent commission of international scholars to examine the country’s wartime past.” Israel claims that 30,000 of Croatia’s Jews died during the Holocaust, which is 80% of the country’s Jewish population at the time. “Now is the time for the European Union to exact the maximum amount of leverage,” said the distinguished American, and then added “once they’re in, the leverage is lost.” Croatia is expected to become a full member of the EU in 2013, thus the USA and Israel have no time to lose if they expect to profit from the event.

The other accused party was Serbia, which expects to become a full member of the EU in 2014. Israel claims that 14,500 Jews died in Serbia during the Holocaust. Any other mention of Serbia was banned in the published interview. That wasn’t casual. Israel is a quiet ally of Serbia; it even militarily helped Serbia even when the latter was committing genocides in the 1990s. The silent pact goes back to WWII, when Jewish groups helped Serbia and attacked Croatia. In recent times this pact received another dimension. Israel doesn’t recognize Kosovo, which declared independence from Serbia. On July 22, 2010, the International Court of Justice ruled against Serbia on its claim that Kosovo’s secession was illegal. ICJ President Hisashi Owada said that international law “contains no applicable prohibition of Kosovo’s declaration of independence. Accordingly, [the court] concludes that the declaration of independence on 17 February 2008 did not violate general international law.” In exchange for Israel’s support, Serbia is not too friendly towards Palestine.

I apologize to the Honorable Mr. Eizenstat, but his strategy, succinctly summarized by him as “once they’re in, the leverage is lost,” is nothing but an extortion attempt. Extortion is a crime which occurs when money, property, or services are obtained from somebody through coercion. The extortionist refrain from doing harm is called protection, or “Vitamin P” in Israel. The difference between extortion and robbery is that extortion involves a written or verbal threat whereas robbery can occur without any verbal or written threat. Mr. Eizenstat, your implied threat to deny Croatia membership in the EU was a crime.

Extortion for Dummies | USA and Israel favorite weapon

Extortion for Dummies | USA and Israel favorite weapon

But, the victims deserve compensation!

Mr. Eizenstat and your Israeli allies, you are right. Victims of violence deserve compensation. They deserve to see their violators in jail. They deserve to enjoy the rule of law. But that applies also to the victims of the USA and Israel. You cannot punish criminals associated to a regime you loath, but spare criminals associated to regimes you like. Otherwise you violate the principle of equality among people. Can you follow this complex logic, Honorable Mr. Eizenstat?

In American Led Apocalypse I analyzed the intrinsic violence of the USA. That article included a downloadable excel file named American Military Operations, which contains a partial list of military operations performed by the United States of America since its foundation. It doesn’t include the violent massacres on Native Americans committed by the illegitimate British colonies that became the USA. It doesn’t include an unknown number of classified operations that were never acknowledged by this violent government. It doesn’t include the violence of this government towards its citizens. It doesn’t include operations performed around the world by subservient governments (like Israel and the CAZAB countries) in the name of the noble American Empire. Yet, the list includes over 500 operations! Today, I just want to mention two of them, the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, in which the USA assassinated children, women and elders without distinction. Within the first four months of the bombings, the radiation killed 90,000–166,000 people in Hiroshima and 60,000–80,000 in Nagasaki. Half of the deaths occurred on the first day. How does this compare to the abovementioned Croatian and Serbian events? Mr. Eizenstat, did you ever considered imposing sanctions on the USA until it properly compensates the victims? Not only did your country not compensate them, but it continued performing savage medical studies on the survivors. Documentaries on the topic—many produced by your country—are chilling, and easily compare to the Nazi Dr. Mengele (see Israel’s Eugenics Program: Dr. Mengele Blues).

Mr. Netanyahu, don’t feel joyous for my criticizing the USA. You are not better. You cry about the Nazi injustices, but you pay no attention to yours. Israel creates Palestinian victims day and night; including the barbaric slaughter of children. Let me bring just one case. On December 8, 1983, an extremely dangerous Palestinian terrorist was killed by an Israeli sniper in Nablus. Yosef Harnoi, a settler from Eilon Moreh, assassinated an eight-year-old girl called Aisha Adnan Al-Bahsh. He wounded her sister as well. Aisha was in her hometown. Mr. Harnoi was a settler ignoring and violating international law. On October 2, 1985, he was convicted by the Tel Aviv district court of manslaughter and was also found guilty of causing the girl’s sister grievous bodily harm. He was sentenced to a mere ten years imprisonment and a five-month suspended sentence. The murder claim was rejected on grounds of his alleged epilepsy. He—like all male settlers—had been trained by the army, held a position in the settlements’ military protection system, and most important of all, was given gun and ammunitions by the IDF. The government and the army were content with the light punishment. Aisha couldn’t react to the sentence and her family was never indemnified for the crime. The indemnification issue is very important. Only if the political and military leaders face the reality of indemnifying their victims and see their war-profits diminish, only then will these crimes in Israel end. Israel consistently refuses to pay damages to Arab victims for its actions. However, in 1952, the young State of Israel signed the Reparations Agreement with Germany, in which Germany agreed to indemnify the WWII victims.

Time and again, the State of Israel shows discrimination between humans, despite its claims of being a democracy. Israel prides itself on its morality, on its superiority on these grounds when compared to regimes like the Nazi’s. However, it is a society that discriminates in how it delivers punishment. A Palestinian causing similar damage to a Jewish girl would have been lynched on the spot by the self-righteous mob or put in prison for life. But justice in Israel is relative. Maybe that’s why Albert Einstein was offered the presidency of the state in the 1950’s; morally, he refused. Oddly, he lived then in the USA, a country which is equally immoral. As time goes by, we tend to forget the victims; history is the story of the victorious—and often violating—army. Croatia and Serbia are now in a position to make a point here; they can accept engaging in a restoration process, conditioning it on a similar one for Israel and the USA. Justice must exist for all, don’t you agree with that, Mr. Eizenstat?

6 Responses to USA and Israel Extortion Croatia

  1. searching June 23, 2012 at 1:24 pm #

    why Croatia wants to jump on the rapidly sinking EU boat is beyond my comprehension.
    It goes to show that the greed , opportunism and corruption of politicians and stupidity , ignorance and impotence of the public is universal.
    no borders, no limits.

  2. Ariadna Theokopoulos June 23, 2012 at 3:00 pm #

    I can only use Italian Mafia terminology because Hollywood bombarded us only with Italian Mafia movies–a parochial hoodlum gang of organized crime nowhere near the scope and power of the global zionist mafia (ZPC).

    So, in the Italian Mafia hierarchy what would Mr Eisenstad, a top-tier sayan, be? He goes around the world collecting protection dues on behalf of Don ZPC: “Wanna be in the EU or outside of it and starving? You gotta pay your dues and kiss the ring on your knees.” Is he the Enforcer? The Consigliori? A bit of both?

    One by one the European countries paid up: Germany and Switzerland, big. Later, also the countries behind the Iron Curtain, when the “liberation” from communism made them accessible. They all marched to Canossa, sackclothed, ashes on their heads, confessed their anti-semitic sins, paid their dues and took the loans that were generously given to them per Perkins’ description In The Confessions of an Economic Hitman.

    Poland keeps trying to obtain its national redemption by all kinds of pathetic gestures: lists of Poles who helped the jews during the war, lists of “righteous Poles,” not seemingly realizing that they are only participating in a rigged game they cannot win. By pleading “extenuating circumstances” they are only validating the trial of their nation for a collective guilt charge that should instead be rejected in toto.
    But you don’t have to have been a country/state to be accused and held up by Don ZPC. The beauty of the scheme is that after smashing countries into smaller bits, separate multiple trails can be held, as is the case of Croatia.
    So, a state that did not exist at the time of WWII (Croatia) is held up by another state that also did not exist at the time (Israel). It is a special legal view… At any rate, the fragmentation of former Yugoslavia ensures that neither Croatia nor Serbia (or any of the other remnants) can survive in Europe outside the European Union, so join the leaky boat they must, and here’s the plugged Euro for your submission.

    Hungary –a problem child for the Soviet Union, turns out to be now a problem adolescent for its new foster parents. Not only it refuses to accept the charges of national collective guilt, it now wants to erect statues to Horthy and worst of all refuses to change its constitution as its neighbors obligingly did without a whimper, to allow he European Bank to assume control of the economy (instead of it own government).
    Oi, the ZPC’s work is never done!

  3. searching June 23, 2012 at 3:23 pm #

    on the subject of Poles here is a part of a very interesting interview.
    Here is a very intersting interview by Julius Osuchowski with Joseph Nichthauser,
    Brazilian Polish Jew, who stands against defamatory hate campaign against Poland.
    Julius Osuchowski: Sir , where is the opinion that the Poles are anti-Semites taken from . Who broadcasts these opinions .?

    Joseph Nitchthauser:
    Sir! Polish anti-Semitism is a terrible folly.
    I` ve been here for eight years a president of the Jewish Federation and has always fought against such prejudices . The generation that was born here, has been taught by their parents ,who were born in Poland, that the Poles are anti-Semite.

    I survived Auschwitz and other concentration camps, only because I learned to weld. I learned right away as soon as they took me to the camp. It was a small camp in Upper Silesia, near Katowice, some 50 kilometers away from and there I learned to weld .
    In Auschwitz, it was a commando of 21, was called “Kraftwerk”, cocsisted of welders. Some 300 people, welders themselves.
    I do not fear the Jews. I am a Jew, will die a Jew, my father was a Jew, does not practice any religion, but also I’m not an atheist. On the door I have a Jewish symbol
    Poland was the only one of the seventeen countries that the Nazis occupied, republics, monarchies, which did not provide EVEN ONE one SS or voluntarily, at least one soldier of the Wehrmacht.

    ALL OTHER other countries HAVE provided.

    Ukrainians – were the worst the same as the German SS.
    Dutch SS – it was also very evil .
    Denmark – this beautiful country, who saved nearly all its Jews, supplied the SS with Danish soldiers .

    Do you know that France – was the only country in occupied countries in which French Jews in a number of 400,000 were NOT arrested by Germans. They did it by themselves and all of them were transported to Auschwitz.

    No Jew will admit the simple fact that the JEWS HELPED the Nazis to destroy us , but it was for real.

    About two weeks ago I was invited by the Brazilian television to just talk about it.
    In Auschwitz, there were not enough guards to guard us.

    Sometimes 10,000 sometimes 20,000 people a day were sent to gas chambers , it took several hundred people to make this terrible procedure to work. SS almost every fortnight choose from among the Jewish prisoners some strong and healthy men, a group of three to five hundred people who were assigned to work in the crematoria and gas chambers. After three weeks, this group went to the gas chamber itself .

    Never to my knowledge and research, and to this day I still am researching the issue of the Holocaust, I found any case , that a Jew said – “no” . What was at risk ? – He would be immediately shot .

    If Jews resisted , Germany would not be able to do what they did. By simply just not having enough people to make this machine functioning , but thanks to the Jewish detachments, which were harnessed in this machinery of death they were able to do that .

    Germany did not have the people . Most of them who were able to serve were fighting as army soldiers on war fronts . Poles were working in the fields, in factories.
    Prisoners of war – all those Americans, British, New Zealanders, Australians – worked on the railroad tracks, and so on. So the reality was that Jews were forced to work in the crematoria and gas chambers! But being able to resist ! They wanted to save their lives, but what a pity they saved them , but only two weeks?

    PWEIThreads: 5
    Posts: 894
    Joined: Jul 28, 11 ♂ Oct 4, 11, 14:37 #37
    As for the commonwealth, India was part of the commonwealth and they fielded a unit of 2000 men
    Yes, good point. I should have said “all white British and Commonwealth”, apologies for the oversight.

    having watched it to the end, it is a bit confusing as the documentary later stated that the Free Corps reached its maximum
    strength of 29. There was at least one Australian in the Free Corps.

    They came under fire from the Russian mortars on the German side of the Oder so they were front line troops
    The maximum strength at any one time was 27. The total number of members was 59. Despite being shelled, they were never front-line troops (field hospitals get shelled, doesn’t make the doctors front-line troops) and never saw combat.

    So as to make this vaguely on topic, is there any evidence of Jewish historians being prejudiced against British men who served in the Nazi armed forces? If there is not, why do some people claim that Jewish historians are prejudiced against Poland, given that three or four times more Poles fought in the Allied armed forces than in the Nazi armed forces?…”

  4. who_me June 23, 2012 at 6:05 pm #

    the nazi collaborators in europe became the american collaborators. now their children have become zionazi collaborators.

    in croatia, it was nazi collaborators the zionazis propped up to lead the country. it was also these same nazi collaborators the zionazis used to start the wars that broke up yugoslavia.

    with serbia, the zionazis didn’t have any nazi colloborators to send back to be their quislings, like in croatia, so they bribed nationalists instead.

    the paragraph about serbia is basically a rehash of the zionazi/american/eu propaganda about that country used to demonise it so nato could continue breaking yugoslavia up. the use of such propaganda depreciates what is otherwise a useful article. what the zionazis learned in their wars upon the people of yugoslavia, they went on to use to manipulate the other ex-soviet republics and satelite nations, and now are using for their “arab spring” assaults.

  5. Ariadna Theokopoulos June 23, 2012 at 6:24 pm #

    I agree with your views about the former Yougoslavia and Serbia in particular. The Divide and Rule strategy was hard at work from the beginning, to isolate the Serbs and demonize them.
    I remember articles planted in the MSM trying to scare and infuriate the Greeks into believing Macedonia had designs over a chunk of Greece populated by ethnic macedoneans. Greece didn’t really buy it.
    Right now, in their silent war against Orban they are trying to fan a flare-up in Romania, claiming Oraban has irredentist designs over Transylavania. The Romanians, unlike the Greeks, may buy it; they behaved in whorish fashion during the war on Serbia, having already kissed the ring and submitted to the masters.

  6. happeh June 28, 2012 at 3:58 pm #

    “I apologize to the Honorable Mr. Eizenstat, but his strategy, succinctly summarized by him as “once they’re in, the leverage is lost,” is nothing but an extortion attempt.”

    Don’t be too hard on him. He can’t help himself.

    Extortion is an Israeli cultural trait. He is only doing what he sees the people around him doing.