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Pizza and Vodka Secrets Coming Out

The recent Syria agreement signed in Geneva by Kerry and Lavrov (probably it will be remembered as “Pizza and Vodka deal”, as the journalists have been served these delicacies by the negotiating teams during the time they had to wait for the results) beside the points disclosed by the foreign ministers included five documents. The […]

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Putin as Caesar

A Lousy Dancer

Putin as Caesar A lousy dancer blames the uneven floor, and Mme Clinton had proven to be an unexpectedly lousy dancer in the competition for the presidency against the blundering New York tycoon. We would expect her to win or lose graciously, as befits a former First Lady, but gosh, she is clumsy – and […]

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A Syrian Living in Syria Speaks Out

“[Ed. Note” What makes this desperate call for help more heart rending is that this “Syrian living in Syria” does not seem to know that the American people to whom he appeals for help cannot even help themselves. And if the American people, most of whom have been led to believe that Syria is a hellhole […]

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A Crooked Mile

The “crooked mile” from the Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes (There was a crooked man, and he walked a crooked mile etc) is Fleet Street, which is well known to London journalists. So I was told when I joined the BBC at Bush House, at the very end of Fleet Street. Not only is the street […]

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Can't Take the Moon Away from Us!

Can’t Take the Moon Away from Us!

Say what you will about American history, mock, debunk, deny, revise and rewrite any part of it but don’t touch the glory of the landing on the moon. Can’t take the Moon away from us! Nevertheless, the Russians are trying to do just that: “Russia suggests America has NEVER landed on the moon and calls […]

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Hillary's Last Contribution -- Prediction

Hillary’s Last Contribution — Prediction

Hillary’s last contribution to the effort of maintaining in power the ziocon Deep State in a period of foreseeable upcoming social unrest may well be the supreme gift: her life. There are lots of predictions postulating Trump’s assassination but this one has more plausibility. Here’s why: • The cover-up of her misdeeds, some bordering on […]

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Obama versus Trump, Putin and Erdogan: Can Coups Defeat Elected Governments?

“Many of our interlocutors have been purged or arrested”. James Clapper, US Director of Intelligence on Turkish Coup (Financial Times 8/3/16, p. 4) Introduction Washington has organized a systematic, global, no holds barred campaign to oust Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump from the electoral process.  The virulent anti-Trump animus, the methods, goals and mass media […]

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Evgeny Sribnyjj /

The Reluctant Enemy

Evgeny Sribnyjj / The DNC 2016 reminded me The Triumph of the Will, the paradigmatic film of Leni Riefenstahl. The fiery oration of “four-star general of the Marine Corps” General (retired) Allen, ready to kick ass of the Russkies, flag-waving, hysterical rhythmical shouts Uoo-eS-Ay, runaway aggressiveness, military pomp and above all exceptionalism of “America […]

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Stop Believing Authority


An anonymous source said to be anonymous by another anonymous source is claiming that Donald Trump is using muslim blood to write anti-semitic hate speech on dead mexican immigrant bodies and that after that he cooks and eats the unborn children of some of the dead mexicans and muslims and then beats his wife. The […]

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Madeleine at Home

Madeleine at Home

“Twas brillig…” Madeleine scratched her head and another chunk of fluffy, thin hair loosed itself from her scalp. Another bald patch to cover! That Hairprin lotion was worthless: it only seemed to stimulate her follicles to produce sparse growth of something like lint, which came off on her pillow during the night. It increased her irritation with […]

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interview compilation

The Clinton Khan

Media Rush To Use Khizr Kahn as Leverage To Aid Candidate Hillary Clinton… Posted on July 31, 2016 by sundance There’s several ways you can look at the carefully scripted use of Khizr Muazzam Kahn by the media today in an all out effort to aid Hillary Clinton in her campaign efforts.  However, perhaps the most […]

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The US Must Stop Humiliating Israel

[Ed. Note: The US must stop once and for all humiliating Israel. Just read the article below to see how absurd this humiliation is, going back for decades. “Negotiations”… what’s to negotiate? Every few years Israel is forced to behave as if it were a supplicant, grateful for the largesse of its benefactor. More often than […]

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Donald Trump


Along with being a nazi racist child abusing misogynistic homophobic anti-semitic fascist Hitler, psycho-neurotic sources newly reveal that the archfiend monster demon is also a spy!!!! Now that the conventions of both the Brainless Con and Spineless Lib wings of the ruling party are over, the worst campaign for president in American history can officially […]

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