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Mayor of Ersal: The Border is Mine

Mayor of Ersal: The Border is Mine Alex’s note: This Mayer is the the son of feudal family, But the French Mandate confiscated his family’s property, “so some of them fled to Syria and worked for aghas (feudal landlords), farming and plowing,”  He joined the Communist Action Organization lead by Muhsin Ibrahim (formed from Lebanese […]

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science vs scientism

  un peu de science éloigne de Dieu, mais beaucoup y ramène – Bacon/Pasteur (?) an inquisitive man is a prattler; so upon the like reason a credulous man is a deceiver: as we see it in fame, that he that will easily believe rumours will as easily augment rumours and add somewhat to them […]

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It rocks out like a trout about to pout its snout a clout in route a stout but what must it do to be you who are not true due to what brew the misconstrued to feud are screwed and very rude that spewed the shrewd dude I conclude to be sued in the nude

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Pathetic and desperate Zionist press release

On 28 August 2012 the New Zealand-based Scoop Independent News published the following Apology For Fake Press Release Published In Error ( “Tuesday, 28 August 2012, 5:32 pm. Article: The Scoop Team Earlier today. Scoop received a fake press release purporting to be from a number of groups and people regarding a boycott of certain […]

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Disrupt and it shall be abrupt Corrupt and it shall erupt for what it shall not be for you see much more for me than thee such a pity to be so sidity is not quite witty or pretty smart to go back to the start where you will take part in the offset beating […]

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The Revised 10 Commandments

Long awaited by jews all over the world, the revision of the Ten Commandments has finally been issued by the Israeli Rabbinate after being in the works for several generations of judaic scholars. For centuries the jews had to struggle with the poorly translated version of the commandments available in the vernaculars of their countries […]

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  Misery all on me constantly   What you do to me my remedy to reality   more for thee could only be   Speak your name and you came just the same   They’re to blame in your good name as you came   tame   Help to bring is the thing that we […]

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It was only yesterday …

It was only yesterday …   FLC … that many in Lebanon, especially in 2006′ when Israel aggressed Lebanon, started saying that they have had it with Lebanon having to pay the dearest in lives & treasure in the Arab-Israeli conflict, … and even some went so far as asking the rhetorical question, “seriously, what did […]

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Syria and Us: Arab identity, the antidote to sectarianism

Syrian Arab identity: The antidote to sectarianism  Syria and Us (Part II)  By: Ibrahim al-Amin Published Sunday, August 19, 2012    Of all the Arab and neighboring states, Lebanon and the Palestinian people will remain the most affected by the Syrian crisis.   The Palestinians must wait for whatever consequences Syrian events push onto them. […]

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Minister’s Sleight of Even-handedness

On 01 August 2012, the Palestine Human Rights Campaign (PHRC) finally received a reply to an emailed open letter, dated 30 April 2012, sent to New Zealand Foreign Affairs Minister Murray McCully. Our open letter had asked some pretty straightforward questions. For instance: “In your statement supporting Israel’s application for admission to the OECD you […]

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A Gun for Rent VS a Gun for Liberation

 Updated Nasrallah: Syria rejected to disarm resistance because it considers it as part of Pan-Arab security strategy BEIRUT Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah said that what protects Lebanon from any Israeli threat is the existence of a deterring balance with this enemy, adding that the suitable defensive strategy in Lebanon is the existence of a […]

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FIFA-fo-fum: I hear the din of the racism drum

For fans of European football, July is pretty much downtime until mid- to late-August when the UEFA, German, Spanish and other supercups officially conclude the previous season. After the excitement of the Champions League and European Football Championship (EURO 2012), the spotlight shifted to transfers and lower-key international friendlies, which help clubs prepare for their […]

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Mr. Win’s Solution for the Rohingyas of Burma is a recipe for Fascism

Last week, I came across Mr. Kanbawza Win’s article – “Killing two birds with a stone or a Win, Win Situation” (Eurasia Review, July 19, 2012) – discussing his thesis for solving the Rohingya crisis in western Burma. As a global citizen who has worked for decades to make our world a more inclusive one […]

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Hamas chief hails “big sister” Egypt after meeting the “leader of the Arab nation”

A reading between the lines After meeting Egypt’s Lame  duck, Khalid Meshaal (the  former leader of Damuscus-based Palestinian resistance  alliance), hailed the “Big  sister” Egypt, and its “President” the  “new Leader of Arab Nation”, expressed his satifaction because  the ‘talks lasted almost two hours, twice as long as Mursi’s  meeting a day earlier with ramallah […]

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Compounding the Nazi Holocaust

Political support for Israel makes use of ideologically sponsored myths and unjustifiable assumptions. The constant repetition of these assumptions by politicians and news media precludes debate and effectively exempts Israel from its obligations under international humanitarian law. The Zionist state’s use of the Holocaust to justify itself betrays both the memory of those who suffered […]

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Is this Canada’s last summer?

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Spanish philosopher George Santayana The best way to illustrate the assault of democratic totalitarianism on Canada is by way of historical analogy, but therein lies a problem. Learning from this particular history is a dangerous undertaking because our governments and media actively sabotage it. […]

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The silence continues

In the 24 hours to 8am 21 June 2012, Israeli air strikes killed a 14-year-old boy, Momen al-Adam, and injured 2 children. Imagine the headlines and outrage that would be expressed by our politicians and news media if a 14-year-old Israeli boy had been killed and two Israeli children injured. But that’s not all, more […]

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100 Years of Slavery is Enough: End the Fed

Watch the following animated cartoon concerning the collapse of the “American dream.” You’ll notice that at no point in its entire half-hour run time is there any mention of “Jews” or “AIPAC” or “Israel”—nor about the subservience to the Jewish state exhibited by our leaders in Washington, nor the wars or financial ruin brought upon […]

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An Innocent Man: Abdelbaset Ali Mohammed Al-Megrahi (1952-2012)

December 21st 1988: PanAm flight 103 is blown up in mid air over the southern Scottish town of Lockerbie, all 259 passengers and crew on board are killed in the bombing, with debris from the blast claiming a further 11 lives on the ground. Framed for the terrorist attack, Libyan national, head of security for Libyan […]

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EU statement on the Middle East – complicity, duplicity and hypocrisy

The section of the EU statement concerning “heeding the aspirations of the people in the region” appears to juxtapose those of “the Palestinians for statehood” with “those of Israelis for security” because the Palestinian need for security is never mentioned in EU pronouncements. Yet the statement considers security to be “a crucial element for lasting […]

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If Obama wins, will Israel attack Iran?

President Romney | Hebrew media worries about 2015 If Romney will be elected as the Republican presidential candidate, it will be the first time in American history that two not-exactly-Christian candidates reach the final stage. Romney openly belongs to a sect. Even if accepting Obama’s claims regarding his beliefs, then he was member of a […]

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The Writing on the (Apartheid) Wall

History has proven that the more recent the wall, the faster the collapse of the regime that built it. 1803: Rothschild funded British invaders conquer the land of India and build the Salt-Tax or Salt-Hedge wall across the country. 137 years later, the British are defeated and retreat. 1830: Rothschild funded French invaders conquer Algeria […]

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‘Wandering Who?’ Reading Group 2

On 6th March the ‘Wandering Who? Reading Group’ in Brighton met again (see First Report), this time to discuss Chapters Two (‘Credit Crunch or Zio Punch) and Three (‘Zionism and Other Marginal Thought’) of Gilad Atzmon’s book. ‘How did America allow itself [to] be enslaved by ideologies inherently associated with foreign interests?’ (p. 26) This […]

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Diagrammatic View of Thoughts on Palestine

Diagramatic Thinking re Palestine. I attach a diagrammatic representation of how I view current thinking on Palestine, and my own path through it. At times the latter becomes pretty convoluted, with polar opposite decisions at certain points. In this respect it is nothing like a flow chart, but more a representation of how the mind moves […]

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