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Is a must

communication do not bust

try not to let it rust

holds together without frustration

as demonstration

everybody has equal materialization

so that there would be no sufferation

like upper class or lower class separation

and you’ll be held together

like no one to drop your feather

a simple help would be clever

for do unto others as you would do unto you

and everything will come out cool

don’t break this for you would be a fool

and have nothing to give to

which means your oblivious

and meaningless

to waste this gift

that we make this with

is absolute

then I would not have to loot

for then I should have what I need

and not have to shoot

over some evil pursuit

so stop your rooting

and get to moving

cus it’s time your losing

easy grooving

is what we are approving

and lay back snoozing

with no worries is amusing

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