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The Writing on the (Apartheid) Wall

History has proven that the more recent the wall, the faster the collapse of the regime that built it.

1803: Rothschild funded British invaders conquer the land of India and build the Salt-Tax or Salt-Hedge wall across the country. 137 years later, the British are defeated and retreat.

1830: Rothschild funded French invaders conquer Algeria and surround Algiers with a barricade wall. 132 years later, the French are defeated and retreat.

1961, Rothschild funded Communists of the Soviet Union built the Berlin Wall in Germany. 28 years later, the Communist regime in Russia falls, Balkanizing the Soviet Union.

2003: Rothschild funded U.S. invaders conquer Iraq and plan the Baghdad Wall to incite sectarianism in Adhamiya district. 9 years later, the Americans are defeated and retreat.

2003: Rothschild funded Israeli invaders build the Apartheid, land grab wall in Palestine…

These walls, though constructed to the highest possible standards; manned by ruthless, heavily armed criminals and monitored 24/7 by land, sea and air, fell. Why? They fell because they were built on the weak foundations of colonial tyranny. Imposing edifices thrown up to enslave the mind as much as to physically divide a people. They were, in essence, the invader’s last, desperate bid to prolong an occupation in a land that has rejected and delegitimized their presence.

A positive exception to the rule occurs when walls are built during periods of sustained resistance by a professional or guerilla army. For the walls cited above were all built in the absence of any organized opposition and thus the occupier had long periods of time in which to intensify their siege and terrorize the population. But the walls that an invader built whilst simultaneously facing armed resistance, were smashed within a much shorter time span:

1251 A.D. The Crusaders, under Louis IX, built a wall to seal off the ‘impregnable’ fortress of Caesarea, Palestine. 14 years later; Sultan Baybars scaled the walls, liberated the city and effectively ended the Seventh Crusade.

1926: The Rothschild funded Mussolini government in Italy built the electrified barbwire wall in Libya, 21 years later the Italians are defeated and withdraw.

Its’ strange that a parasitic power as cunning, cynical and media savvy as the criminal state of Israel would have started such a project in the first place. Hoist by their own petard, the Israelis have inadvertently gifted the world a silent and universally recognizable symbol of their warped ideology. A stone cold souvenir that perfectly illustrates the deranged dogma of Zionism and the banality of its adherents. The very wall that was supposed to put their permanent stamp on the land of Palestine, only served to highlight the brutal and backwards mindset of a crusty cult; confirming its status as a hostile foreign invader on its way out.

How could all those PR zombies and lacertilian plutocrats in Herzliya have missed this? The wall and its inevitable collapse is, ultimately, a fitting and somber finale for a failed and hated regime. For we look forward to that day when, God willing, Palestine is restored to her 1948 borders and rejoined as one. And when that day arrives; be it today, tomorrow, the day after that or many years down the line: The robber barons and cutthroats of Israel will have to bear the shame of their misrule, carry the burden of their heinous crimes and learn to live with their ignominious end and possible isolation from humanity.

All free men and women, wherever they may be and whatever creed they may follow; can see that the restoration of Palestine is a moral imperative far greater than other freedom struggles throughout history. For in the words of Nelson Mandela: “Our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians”. And so it is, because all free men and women around the world are citizens of Palestine. And when the wall comes down, when the dome of Masjid Al-Aqsa glimmers beneath liberated skies, when Muslim, Christian and Jew restore their ancient bonds of unity. On that day, wherever you may be, remember to stand up and proclaim the words that have, in our era, become synonymous with freedom, honor, courage and resolve:  ‘Ana Falastini’ (‘I am Palestinian’).

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3 Responses to The Writing on the (Apartheid) Wall

  1. Jonathon Blakeley March 12, 2012 at 7:48 pm #

    It is indeed remarkable and incredibly stupid that Jews would resort to building a Ghetto to imprison the Palestinians. Sadly they have not learnt anything from history. I too long for the day that the disgusting racist regime of Israel collapses (hopefully peacefully) and the Palestinians can return home.

  2. Jonathon Blakeley March 12, 2012 at 9:44 pm #

    It will be great when Israel is no more, and they start to knock down the walls as they did in Berlin. That will be a great day. On that day I hope they recycle all that concrete used to buid that wall and use it to build something to unite the people rather than of divide them.
    That will be a great day…

  3. etominusipi March 18, 2012 at 3:04 pm #

    brilliant insight, and, i think, very true. thanks also for the word ‘lacertilian’ which i had not previously met with.