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The RAW Prize (Recycle Apartheid Walls)

Most people recognize that the apartheid wall Israel has been building for the past ten years will one day be removed.  But few have given serious consideration to how best to recycle hundreds of miles of this “separation barrier.”

Now, Gilad Atzmon, and several human rights organizations are offering a significant prize for the best proposal of how to recycle the concrete portion of this wall.



The initial prize is $1,000, but as paid sponsors are added the prize is expected to increase to $25,000.


Submissions will be judged by the Board of Advisers of Deir Yassin Remembered, a “balanced” group of human rights advocates, Palestinians, Jews, and others.

 How to Apply:

Written submissions can be sent to Deir Yassin Remembered, c/o Daniel McGowan, 9 One Mile Point, Geneva, New York  14456 (USA) along with a $25 submission fee, which will be waived if the submitter comes from the West Bank or Gaza.


All submissions must be received by January 31, 2013.  The winner will be announced the following Deir Yassin Day, April 9, 2013.


Righteous                           If Americans Knew

Gilad Atzmon                                     Americans for Just Peace in the Middle East

Deir Yassin Remembered                Jewish Witnesses for Peace and Friends

 Other sponsors donating at least $250 are most welcome, even Zionist and settler advocates who share the belief that the wall will be recycled.

 The RAW Prize is unique within Palestinian/Israeli activism

 First, it changes the narrative from separation to reunification, from racism to universal human rights, from two states to one with equal civil rights for all. 

 Second, it focuses attention on the enormity and the cost of this instrument of separating the “chosen” from the “children of a lesser God.”

 Third, it is forward-looking, not static.  It neither condemns nor justifies the wall, but simply looks at what will be come of it in the future.

Fourth, it is “green.”  It is not about destruction, but about recycling – recycling for the benefits of humanity.  Could houses be made from these huge T-shaped blocks of reinforced concrete?  Could breakwaters and coastal erosion projects use such easily dismantled objects?

 Fifth, both Jews and non-Jews recognize that the wall will go.  Now both can work to recycle it.  It promotes activism now, even by those who are not into boycotts and vigils and writing blogs.

 Sixth, media attention will be generated as proposals are revealed and as the prize is increased with the addition of new sponsors.

2 Responses to The RAW Prize (Recycle Apartheid Walls)

  1. who_me July 24, 2012 at 7:32 pm #

    i think of “the wall” as a giant tombstone for the region of palestine.

  2. etominusipi July 25, 2012 at 11:38 am #

    i wholeheartedly support this initiative, to draw the attention of the world’s creative thinkers to what will assuredly by a major demolition and recycling exercise at some future date, hopefully not too far removed from the present day.

    Senator Gaudin de Villain made a speech on May 13, 1919, in the French Senate. amongst his remarks was the following:

    “The Russian Revolution and the Great War of 1914-1918 are only phases of the supreme mobilization of the cosmopolitan powers of money…as was yesterday the Communist coup d’etat in Hungary, for Bolshevism is nothing but a Talmudic upheaval.”

    these insights, which may now appear to us in the guise of a remarkable foresight were not obtained by crystal-gazing, nor by sniffing distilled essences from leaves of the Ethiopian magnolia or salvia divinorum – they were due to sharpness of vision, good information, and the courage to speak truths others turn away from in shame – shame because they know their loyalty to corrupt and conspiratorial forces comes not from their hearts, but from their vices, their fear and and cupidity. through weaknesses of character – by bribery, seduction, blackmail or family ties – the great and good are in one way or another helplessly entangled in the great Snare of the cosmopolitan powers of money.

    one of the morbid signatures of the mature Bolshevik Empire was the Berlin Wall , which became for the whole world the emblem of a surly, aggressive and deeply paranoid separatist mentality – a mentality which found its incarnation in a deformed ideology based on hatred towards and fear of an Enemy. thoughts from the enemy camp are imbued with a dangerous potency for contagion. this negative conception jars with the idealistic take on human development, whose natural tendency in this age is surely towards a humanity not herded into a dismal and brutal technological subservience but united as a vibrant, tolerant, diverse global community.

    the Cold War paranoia, as we all know, found its apotheosis in the nuclear age geopolitical conception of MAD – mutually assured destruction – quite possibly an acronym long-nurtured in the dark womb of the Bernays/Madison-Avenue axis of postmodern creativity. this phrase also has its contemporary echo, the idea of a Samson option.

    amongst other clues, the echoed Wall leitmotif from early Cold-War to contemporary Middle Eastern times suggests a very similar mentality at work in both epochs.

    the construction of walls, as an instrument of policy, has a long history, but it belongs to a past era. few ancient battlements are still defended. the barriers in this age are increasingly defined electronically.

    the wall-builder may be the victim of over-concretization of thought. if no treatment is found, we may be looking at an eventually fatal case of political neuro-sclerosis.