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The England Riots: 343 Years of Injustice

In 1668 A.D., the Bawdy House Riots turned the streets of London into a battleground between the impoverished working class and the royalist bourgeoisie: 30 years earlier; an extremist Jew financed insurgency fronted by Oliver Cromwell, had paved the way for usurers / moneylenders / bankers to take over the city and set up their base of operations in the Square Mile. Cromwell repaid his Talmudist benefactors by overturning the ban on Jewish immigration (Britain’s 3,000 Jews were expelled en-masse in 1289 A.D. for crimes against humanity) and set into motion a terrible series of events that’d turn England into one of the most violent, troubled and despised nations on Earth.

Not that extremist Jewry particularly liked Cromwell or any other Shabbat Goy for that matter, for they didn’t object to the return of the royalists or the grisly revenge they exacted on Cromwell’s corpse in 1661; because for the usurer / moneylender / banker; business is business. And as smarmy usurer Nathan Rothschild so eloquently summarized in 1790:

Let me issue and control a nation’s money, and I care not who writes the laws”.

The destructive policies these usurers imposed upon their return, were designed to exacerbate inequity, widen the gap between rich and poor whilst slowly sinking the country into a socio-economic quagmire defined by the vicious cycle of borrowing, debt and war. Needless to say, they succeeded.

At the time of the riots, England was, as usual, bogged down in a series of wars, riddled with corruption, heavily in debt to moneylenders and attempting to dismember the proletariat at any given opportunity.

Workers forced to endure inhuman conditions with no hope of improvement, had finally had enough, and on Shrove Tuesday, March 23rd 1668; apprentices, slaves, artists and plebeians of every stripe took to the streets and attacked the whore-houses of London: Brothels, frequented by the rich and thus immune to the manmade virus of poverty, were an offensive symbol of sexual-economic decadence and moral decay. The crowd chanted revolutionary slogans calling for reform and demanded the elimination of the Red Coats (i.e. British troops) as Bawdy houses from Poplar to Holborn were set ablaze in a week of widespread unrest.

We have been servants, but we will be masters now!” 1

they threatened, demanding that the monarchy give them “liberty of conscience” 1 or else. Samuel Pepys account of statements made by the opposition, proves that they had the courage of their convictions to try and bring about a real change in England:  

…how these idle fellows have had the confidence to say that they did ill in contenting themselves in pulling down the little bawdy-houses, and did not go and pull down the great bawdy-house at Whitehall”.

Alas, it wasn’t meant to be: for members of the opposition were taken captive and revolutionary leaders were tortured to death or put before show trials and executed: And so their courageous cri de coeur was silenced by the treacherous cutthroats of the British regime, the paramours of parasitism, the whores of usury.

343 years later, the streets of London again played host to a battle between the embittered masses and the arrogant defenders of inequity. Now much has been written about the riots and the reasons behind them, about disenfranchised youth and social justice and what not, and for the most part; its all been woefully predicable, fiercely sectarian stuff: with pro-Israeli, far right wing pundits fawning over the police and liberal commentators attempting to defend the indefensible because of some misplaced desire to be seen as one of the people. The uprising, though motivated in part by a catalogue of injustices that have been mounting up for over a decade, was a relatively straightforward response to a heinous and cowardly crime:

August 4th 2011: The institutionally racist Metropolitan Police kill 29-year-old Black man Mark Duggan; shot dead in broad daylight on Ferry Lane, Tottenham.

The officers involved clearly expected to get away with it, since the Met didn’t even bother informing Mr. Duggan’s family, refused to release any statements pertaining to his case and, if pressed, could always rely on their underlings in both the highbrow and tabloid media to portray the victim as a wrong’un: an Afro-Caribbean undesirable, an unemployed troublemaker who invited death and probably deserved it.

They are portraying Mark as a gangster. Mark is not a gangster. He’s not known to any gangsters or any gangs. He’s not like that.”

~ Semone Wilson, Mark Duggan’s fiancée

Now I’m reliably informed that according to the Anglo-American-Israeli crime gang, any Afro-Caribbean male aged between 14-40 is potentially a gang member. So if all else fails, the police can always fall back on this vitriolic canard to placate those who’ll accept any old lie, provided it falls somewhere in line with their own unspoken prejudices.

That said, the police officers involved in Mark Duggan’s assassination have every reason to presume they’ll escape justice, after all, the tumultuous tenure of controversial police commissioner and alleged Freemason / Cabbalist cult member; Sir Ian Blair (Commander of the British Empire) gave succour to Israeli sympathisers within the police force: The Anglo-Israeli assassination of 7/7 eyewitness Jean Charles De Menezes remains unpunished, no police officer has been bought to trial over the 18 year long cover-up of the Stephen Lawrence murder inquiry (linked to Israel by the British far right’s intimate links with pro-Israeli elements), no officer involved in the Forrest Gate home invasion and attempted murder of 23-year-old Mohammed Abdul Kahar has been bought to justice. PC Simon Harwood, who was on trial for killing bystander Ian Tomlinson at the G20 protests, walked out of court Scott free and smug, welcomed back into the force with open arms and free to resume his duties ASAP.  No criminal charges were bought against officers who assaulted wheelchair bound activist Jodie Macintyre and left 21-year-old Alfie Meadows, fighting for his life at the Student demonstrations in October 2010.  And its’ safe to assume that no charges will ever be bought against any of these evil overseers, for the laws aren’t made for them, and the state can’t very well be expected to put away its own henchmen. After all, thugs and mercenaries have been the vanguard of every criminal regime from time immemorial; bent cops will face justice within the system the day a knife cuts off its own handle.

The people who gathered outside Tottenham police station demanding answers about Mark Duggan’s murder, may well have known that their pleas would fall on deaf ears, nonetheless, they came in their hundreds. The righteous indignation of the community focused on those who consider themselves above the very laws they claim to enforce. The police responded to civilized calls to explain this outrage, by beating up a young Black girl.  So sickening, brazen and brutal was the attack, that it eventually provoked a riot.

And it wasn’t just one particular type of person who got involved, but malcontents from every echelon of society whose conscience was stirred to action by this crime, ran out to retaliate. Take the case of 18 year old Chelsea Ives for example; here was a girl fully integrated into the system, a good student, a talented athlete by all accounts and part of the pre-hype pomp and circumstance surrounding the 2012 Olympics, endorsed by pro-Israeli mayor Boris Johnson and pushed to the front as a representative for the games: A decent enough gig for a teenager, I suppose. And yet, in her heart of hearts, she knew it was all a pack of lies, a monstrous charade, an insult to her intelligence, deep down she knew they’d hired a stooge for a spectacle and that the system for which she had been made an ambassador, was corrupt to its rotten core. This frustration manifested itself with young Chelsea hurling a bollard into the windscreen of a police car. Granted, not the most eloquent, or indeed effective, expression of anger you could hope for, but nonetheless, a clear statement of disgust in the face of aggression and malice from the police.

Chelsea, despite having no previous convictions, was sent down for two years in Wood Green Young Offender’s Institute, now compare her misdemeanours with the list of crimes perpetrated by the police; and tell me again that we live in a country that respects the rule of law.

The civilized world was, at that time of the initial retaliation, in complete and unwavering solidarity with the opposition and united in their fury against the so-called law. But opportunistic criminals soon took advantage of the situation and hi-jacked proceedings for their own ends. Breathing a sigh of relief, the MSM’s focus immediately shifted from the murder of Mark Duggan to scenes of hooded rioters ransacking shops and taking over parts of the country. Every effort was made to promote the violence, and bury the reasons behind it.



Many, perhaps the majority, of protestors who ventured out in the opening salvos of the uprising were there to uphold justice and the rule of law. They were there fighting against the tyranny of the Anglo-American-Israeli crime gang, and unlike Occupy London, the protestors would not meekly abide by the barricades and batons hired to protect Rothschild’s henchmen in the city, these men, women and youths put their lives on the line to demonstrate the sincerity of their beliefs, others, however, were just after a new pair of trainers or an iphone. For we cannot elevate the legitimacy of active opposition by appeasing the debased sentiments of looters and traitors who’d sooner rob their fellow man than stand with him against tyranny. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: the undisciplined rabble, the looters and the muggers were a gift to the police, if I were a corrupt copper, I’d find the ringleader of the looters and shake his or her hand, in fact, there’s evidence to suggest that’s more or less what the police did; for they’re accused of dispatching masked officers into the fray as agent provocateurs to tilt the PR war in their favour. The criminal minority of rioters helped transform what should’ve been a story about a police homicide into a narrative about yobs running wild, some suspected EDL vermin even used the cover of chaos to commit a racially motivated murder in Birmingham; and they too, unsurprisingly, were let off the hook as lesser crimes were punished to the maximum extent possible under the law.

Jonathan Swift once wrote a memorable essay on the law, and I feel like we’re seeing his theories in practice today: “Laws are like cobwebs…”, he said, “…which may catch small flies, but let wasps and hornets break through.”

For like a dead trout, society rots from the head down: A criminal regime that holds political prisoners at home whilst engaged in mass murder and armed robbery overseas, has lost all moral authority to chastise its wayward offspring for vandalizing a high street supermarket or robbing a newsagent. The veneer of respectability, the illusion of procedure is exposed and tarnished in an instant, as  “…the unacceptable and regrettable”2 Teresa May frantically blames all and sundry whilst hoping against hope that none will pick up on the fact that the criminality on the streets, is a direct reflection of her own foul conduct in office. The policies of the Anglo-American-Israeli crime gang are an abomination to all but the parasites who imposed them upon us at gunpoint, and today, that monumental failure returns to haunt them like sin did the portrait of Dorian Gray; a festering diorama of filth, a mess of their own making.

The similarities between conditions for the proletariat in 1668 and 2011 ought to be obvious since the same stale regime who were empowered under Cromwell and William of Orange, retain power under whomsoever Rothschild selects to front this shambolic con, the ignorant call democracy.  In the 17th century, London had “…became overcrowded with an overworked, underpaid host of raucous apprentices many of whom were Puritan zealots.  These apprentices, intermittently employed and often miserably poor, encouraged sporadic rioting, the opening of prison doors, the razing of brothels, and general civic unrest” (Seidel, ‘The Restoration Mob: Drones and Dregs’ p. 432-437).

Today, “The number of new UK graduates working in jobs like cleaning or bar work has almost doubled to 10,000 in five years, according to government statistics. The figures, from the Higher Education Statistics Agency, also showed more than 20,000 were still out of work six months after leaving university” (Judith Burns, BBC, 28.6.12 ).

In 1668, “…apprenticeship was detached from the decaying guild system and its attendant privileges and finally rendered virtually indistinguishable from servitude”. Today, the silent scandal of unpaid internships, described as  ‘exploitative, counter-productive and illegal’ by careers journalist Clair Whitmell, makes a mockery of labour laws and humiliates the jobseeker to jump through hoops in the hope of securing some meagre rebate or elusive offer of employment. I’ve seen good, strong willed people break down over not being considered for an interview after many weeks of work, never having once been told that there wasn’t a job to offer, and that the only real ‘experience’ they’ve gained is the experience of being fleeced, used and manipulated by those who’ve got the upper hand.

The troubling case of Cait Reilly further crystallizes the malevolence of the class war in Rothschild’s Britain. Reily, a 23 year old geology graduate from Birmingham, lost her bid to overturn a DWP ruling that forced her to stack shelves for free at a ‘Poundland’ store, I repeat:  23 year graduate Cait Reily, who was already on an unpaid internship whilst looking for work, was forced into manual labour by the job centre and this regime, only to be informed by the highest court in the land that she has no right to challenge their orders. Having listened to Miss Reily, she seems a tad unworldly and dare I say naïve in thinking the government would listen to reason. When it looks like it, sounds like it and feels like it, it is that which we know it to be: Slavery. Indentured servitude, enslavement; the only things missing are the shackles and cattle brands, but I’m sure they’ll return soon enough. And apparently there’s nothing you can do about it. That’s right, such is the extent of the rot in this country, that the shameless, degenerate MPs who siphon off their expenses, vote in favour of perpetrating depraved acts of international terrorism and plunder the nation to within an inch of its economic life; can then turn around and lecture us on the law and ethics.

And yet there are those who’ll say, that’s all true and shocking in its own right, but the Chavs who ran amok in 2011 are essentially unemployable, lazy, dirty, aggressive curs unable to perform any action beyond armed robbery and signing on for their JSA. I agree, that may well be true in some cases; and these incurable yobs ought to be reunited with their architects, like a redirected stream of sewage; poured back into the establishments that meticulously engineered the conditions under which this menace thrives. For no one is born an ill mannered nuisance, a mugger or a thief, they learn from example and the most wretched and influential examples of criminality are to be found in Westminster, in the boardrooms of pro-Israeli think tanks, the financial institutions, the police and judiciary. Now I say this to all criminal, Rothschild controlled regimes in the West: If there’s nothing left in the coffers, just admit it, just say we’ve looted it all, we’re unable to rob any more from Iraq or Libya to sustain this island. Give it up and concede that your extremist Jew policies have infected the welfare state like an untreated outbreak of Gonorrhoea, that the NHS is now the equivalent of an unequipped rest room in some Stalinist gulag, and that you’ve transformed the DWP into the IDF. Admit it, and be done with the pretence.


The police, it seems, aren’t content with war or peace; for the culture in which they’re bred promotes endless complaint and unprovoked prejudice. A culture that encourages stupidity, rewards thuggery, facilitates corruption and conceals incompetence. For the police are a body of the state and the state is a servant of the usurer, thus to expect the employees to overrule both their employer and his boss, is delusional at best. The police as an institution is finished in my view; it’s no longer an infected limb but merely an infection on what’s now an unrecognisable remnant of charred flesh and withered bone.

And you may well say: ‘but Kashif, you’ve just demonised half the population and denigrated every public body in the country, surely it can’t be that bad’. It is. And of course I’ve made exceptions for the honourable few who still try and do what they can to alleviate our collective burden, but I hope none of you are naïve enough to believe that a handful of honest cops, a couple of moral bankers and one or two decent MPS can rectify a system built within the sewers of exploitation and usury.

There was a time, not that long ago, where it was generally accepted that if you were in trouble with the police the likelihood is that you may well have done something wrong and that it would sort itself out accordingly; e.g. being caught playing truant you’d come up with some excuse and get away with a talking to, mutually respectful, firm but fair, no harm, no foul; end of. Nowadays, you’re unlikely to get a word in edgewise and run the risk of being tazerd, ritually sodomized and petitioned by The Hague, because the dumb copper who took you in wasn’t meeting his arrest targets that month.  For there is no middle ground here, no choices or compromises to be made: By appeasing them, we nourish against ourselves the parasitic spore of Cabbalist sedition: where chaos & ineptitude masquerades as law & order.

Robert Peel once said,

The police are the public and the public are the police; the police being only members of the public who are paid to give full time attention to duties which are incumbent on every citizen in the interests of community welfare and existence.”

So when we see the Israelification of the police force go unchallenged, it falls upon us to wrangle this hooded cobra of corruption and forcibly drain every last drop of venom from its fangs. We, the private citizens, who ask for no more other than to be left alone in a land that respects the rule of law, have been forced, by their greed and villainy, to run down, tackle and contain the swine ourselves. For an institution that’s rotten from within, that serves foreign agents on occupied shores and learns its antediluvian habits in the dank basement of the Freemason’s lodge is not fit to serve anyone, much less protect a society, that were it worth protecting, would never have stood for the appointment of such dregs to begin with.

And now a moment’s silence for this crippled, cankered country; molested at will by the extremist Jew, the moneylender, the usurious cur, the grime ridden chav, the tabloid stooge and the moronic media enthral to Antipodean Cabbalists and psychopathic, inbred pederasts.


Release everyone, free every man, woman and youth convicted of civil unrest, empty the cells of political prisoners and those made to suffer as Eustache Dauger once did in the Bastille. For until the murderous, criminal regime that’s run this country into the ground for three centuries is quarantined, put before a public trial and bought to justice; no prison walls can withstand the heat of hypocrisy that stifles the world outside. No sentence that crushes the petty criminal but exalts his master is worth the paper its written on and no rioters can be ashamed of their crimes, when shameless criminals are empowered to judge them.


The British regime portrays the opposition as looters, rioters and drug dealers: Does Britain have this many drug dealers? If this is the case, they should be tried and UN should build walls surrounding the country. British officials should stop meddling in other people’s affairs and worry about their own: Stop interfering in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and elsewhere. Time is up for few capitalist families with different titles to loot other nations and governments and making them slaves. Instead of giving up their wealth to control their deficit, the burden has been put on the masses. There are pressures in crisis and it’s evident that people would protest in such a situation”.

~ Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, 2011




1. Harris, Tim. (p.90, London Crowds in the Reign of Charles II:  Propaganda and Politics from the Restoration Until the Exclusion Crisis.  Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1987.)  Bawdy House Riot quotes citied in Katherine Romack’s ‘Striking The Posture of a Whore’, Genders, issue 50, 2009.

2. Judge Cotter, QC. (Judge Cotter convicted Home Secretary Teresa May of contempt of court in the case of The State vs. Aziz Lamari, 20.6.12)


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7 Responses to The England Riots: 343 Years of Injustice

  1. Ariadna Theokopoulos August 12, 2012 at 7:22 pm #

    A tour de force article and a magnificent quote to end it with. Great contribution to deLib.

  2. who_me August 13, 2012 at 1:03 am #

    not just in england:

  3. who_me August 13, 2012 at 6:15 am #

    hey, lets take a trip to jewishmafiatown and watch pigs execute goys for sport…

    what fun, eh?

  4. fool me once... August 14, 2012 at 6:33 pm #

    Well written. I posted this docu link before as certain similarities in events are note worthy;
    Did you catch the discussion between Cindy Butts and Peter Power concerning the riots on Newsnight August 9th 2011? It was very telling indeed, unsurprisingly I can’t find it anywhere.

  5. etominusipi August 15, 2012 at 12:56 am #

    let us not forget the role of BBC Director General Mark Thompson in ensuring that the riots were covered in a compassionate and politically mature way. it would have been easy to yield to pressure and present only a blatantly pro-establishment view which focussed only on the damage to, and theft of, private and commercial property, without exploring the justifed grievances which were like dry tinder easily set ablaze by the blatant and shameless police murder of Mark Duggan.

    But Mark Thomson is a freedom fighter. not for him the luxuries and illicit satisfactions so readily available to the typical presstitute.

    of course, Mr Thompson is no stranger to resisting pressure. for years he stood alone as a solitary bulwark against the massed mob of the British Jewish lobby.

    his reward?

    to be relieved of his post!!!

    yes, the baying hounds of rabid zionism have finally buried their fangs into a sensitive part of his anatomy (his wallet).

    nor is this the end of the public humiliation of this brave and conscientious journalist.

    tonight we learn that he is to be exiled to the US to take charge of the New York Times, where he will be at the beck and call of such evil luminaries as messrs Bronfman, Adelson and Siverstein.

    some might see irony in this. i see only the tragedy.

    if there were any justice in the world he would have been given a knighthood and a lucrative non-executive directorship of the Carlyle Group, allowing him the leisure and financial resource to complete his eagerly awaited autobiopgraphy.

  6. Chester August 16, 2012 at 1:42 pm #

    Wow, fantastic article written from a historical and class perspective.

    Reminiscent of the sort of article marxists and anarchists wrote before they became politically correct servants of liberal capitalism.

  7. Somoe August 28, 2012 at 7:52 pm #

    An excellent and exceedingly informative piece of writing. Well researched, useful insights that illuminate the causes of why we are plagued with this iniquitous system that really serves only the privileged few.