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The Anisa Uprising: Occupy the Presidency

Anisa Abd el Fattah

Anisa Abd el Fattah

Anisa Abd el Fattah is running for President of the United States.  But you should also be aware that this is not just a run for the presidency. This is a rebellion, an American uprising, or what we call a Peaceful Intifada!

The campaign is essentially calling an ASSEMBLY.   Its objective is to use Anisa’s  presidential campaign as a platform to launch a real movement to change America. We don’t just want the President’s office, we want to use the president’s office as a staging ground for our uprising against the elite and shadow powers that are destroying our country. Where the Occupy movement ends, this campaign begins ! Where the Presidential election ends, this movement begins. We don’t want an imperial presidency in the United States.. We want people power, not presidential power ! Down with the King, up with a constitution of, for, and by the people!.

In this movement every vote is a protest against the establishment control of the election process! Your vote is more than just a vote for a candidate. Your vote is a commitment to join us, presidential election or not. Bring your resources and dedication, and help us create a real rebellion. It’s not going to be done with one candidate for president. It’s going to be done with our collective political will, which is a power that cannot be defeated!

Anisa is not just a candidate. She’s a woman. She’s African American. And she’s Muslim. She is a symbol of real defiance, and she is inviting you to join her along with me. Here is what we are going to do:

Collectively, we’re going to challenge and take down NDAA by whatever means is possible. We’re going to stop it in its tracks, election or no election !.

We’re going to insist that AIPAC be run out of town !.

We’re going to demand that India get out of Kashmir and leave Pakistan alone, end the rapes, end the disappearances, the beatings, the torture, and we’re going to end trade with them until they do. If America is going to shine a light again, it must be the light of dignity and respect for human life and it’s inalienable sovereignty. We must demand it in ourselves, and we must demand it of others. We will not countenance degradation and such depravity witnessed here.

We’re going to demand that Israel get out of the Occupied Territories and leave the Palestinians in peace, and we’re going to end trade with them until they do.

We’re going to end collaboration with Israel, end the bullying, end the occupation of Palestinian land, end the theft of land, and restore balance and sovereignty to the Middle East. We will tolerate this no more.

We want an end to derivative trading. We want to close the Fed.

We’re going to work to End Citizen’s United, begin public funding of elections, and make illegal any form of lobbying that undermines the democratic process.

We want a Constitutional Amendment to permit direct voting on all laws. We don’t need two-faced representatives selling our vote to the highest bidder.

We want to end SOA (School of Americas)

End Guantanamo

End 1984. End the use of drones over American airspace for surveillance or for any other purpose.

End use of drones over Pakistan, Yemen and other countries where they are deployed.

End the wars

End all pretense of a “War on Terror.”

And we want a non-profit option to provide health care for every American!

We need to rebuild America’s infrastructure with jobs through community and state work programs that are paid for with municipal bonds that can be sold to both domestic and international investors.


Register on our site.
VOLUNTEER NOW and help this campaign. We need you RIGHT NOW!!!!


For more information about Anisa Abd el Fattah, please see previous article in United Progressives or see her biography at http//

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Paul Barrow
Campaign Manager for Anisa Abd el Fattah 2012 The American Uprising!

Director of Policy and Communications
United Progressives Inc., a non-profit policy group

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