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'State of Surveillance' with Edward Snowden and Shane Smith

‘State of Surveillance’ with Edward Snowden and Shane Smith

Published on 8 Jun 2016 by VICE When NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden leaked details of massive government surveillance programs in 2013, he ignited a raging debate over digital privacy and security. That debate came to a head this year, when Apple refused an FBI court order to access the iPhone of alleged San Bernardino Terrorist […]

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Drew Berry: Animations of unseeable biology

An amazing Ted Talks documentary on the unseeable biology that exists in core of all our cells. The nub of the problem is in science we are at the limits of what we can see. Molecules are smaller than the wavelength of light. Therefore we have no ways to directly observe molecules and what they […]

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Look who’s in charge of UK government cybersecurity

A chilling remark from a House of Lords debate just caught my eye. Hansard 4 Nov 2015 : Column GC355 Lord Mendelsohn: We welcome the appointment of the former British ambassador to Israel, Matthew Gould, who will have a key role in cybersecurity inside the Cabinet Office — a very useful and important position. Sure […]

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All Watched Over by Machines of Loving Grace

Here is a documentary made by Adam Curtis, a British film maker known for thinking outside the box. He analyses the development of computer technologies from the silicon valley and the influence of Ayn Rand’s anarcho-individualistic philosophy on the current vision of an Internet-geek society in which all economic and political activities will be controlled […]

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Chemtrails: The Secret War against the Planet

Chemtrails: The Secret War against the Planet

Chemtrails: the Secret War It is a war against the whole planet, done for immediate profit, which turns the earth into a closed greenhouse that entraps heat, poisons the soil and water with chemicals that are damaging to the nervous system of humans and animals, uses infectious organisms like Eschericia coli to form “water nuclei” in […]

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The Nothing to Hide Argument

“You have nothing to fear if you have done nothing wrong” is the mantra by those that push the global surveillance. Nothing to fear if you are not a threat. What are the threats? But what if you are not threat, but just ask awkward questions? What then? And surely most of us have done […]

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No Escape from Surveillance

Freedom is the right to tell people what they do not want to hear. ~George Orwell Judging from all the reports, America’s National Security Agency (NSA) can do just about anything involving the communication of just about anyone. They can tell who you’ve been calling by phone; and if they suspect you’ve been calling the […]

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Online Freedom Under Threat

I hope we will use the Net to cross barriers and connect cultures.–Tim Berners-Lee On November 23rd, 2013, British inventor of the World Wide Web, Tim Berners-Lee, warned that “Internet surveillance by British and US spying agencies has posed a threat to online freedom and the future of democracy.” Describing the activities by the US […]

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Russians buy Typewriters to stop NSA

This story caught my eye and twisted my lip into a wry smile. Progress is indeed a wonderful thing, the Russians have ordered typewriters each with a unique fingerprint (to detect and trace copies) to stop their top secrets being hacked and/or leaked. “Unlike printers, every typewriter has its own indvidual pattern of type so […]

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