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Gatekeeper Bingo!

Play Gatekeeper Bingo as you check the list of signatories to yet another ethnically exclusive list! The following statement, dated 1 January 2013, is issued by Jews for the Palestinian Right of Return. The initial signers are listed below along with a link for those who wish to sign on. “For Palestinians, the right to […]

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Jesus' Broken Heart

Critiquing Israel: colonialism or Jewish culture?

Fighting the enemy at times means fighting your erstwhile comrades-in-arms ~ Eric Walberg The phenomenal success the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement has had since it began in 2005 has attracted attention from all corners of the political spectrum — for better or for worse. Israel is scared. Israeli thinktanks have described BDS as […]

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The Fight Against Fascism in Brighton and the South Coast

by Jay Knott, with input from Francis Clark-Lowes Tony Greenstein is a campaigner for the unemployed, the homeless, etc.. He’s been involved for decades in helping the poor in England’s progressive capital, Brighton. He is also involved in more complicated issues like anti-fascism and Palestine solidarity. He follows Lenni Brenner’s discovery that the Nazis co-operated […]

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Writer Gilad Atzmon

‘Wandering Who?’ Reading Group

On 7th February 2012 Ben Mullins, Brenda Brown, Francis Clark-Lowes, Penny and Jim Porter and Valerie Phillips (Phil) gathered in Brighton, UK, to discuss the Foreword and Chapter 1 of The Wandering Who? (Winchester and Washington DC, Zero Books, 2011). According to your point of view, this work is either ‘a fascinating and provocative book […]

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Apocalypse in Gaza

What makes the holocaust so important?

Following weeks of harasment by Zionist infiltrators Tony Greenstein and Abraham Weizfeld;  Paul Barrow, an American solidarity activist told the two tribal activists what he thought of them both. ~ the Editors… I wouldn’t be so generous as to call you or Weizfeld an “anti-Zionist Jew,” Tony (Greenstein). You look pretty Zionist to me. Zionism […]

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All’s Fair in Love and the Class War

Predictably Tony Greenstein is crowing about his victory in having me expelled from Brighton & Hove PSC, from national PSC, and now about the overturning of my appeal at the AGM on Saturday 21st January Karl Marx famously wrote: ‘The philosophers have only interpreted the world, in various ways; the point is to change it.’ (‘Thesis […]

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