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Koch Addiction

The Koch Addiction

It’s not every day that a U.S. Congressman wants to talk to a reporter about his addiction.  In keeping with his request for anonymity, however, I have deleted any references that might reveal his identity, and therefore refer to him in this report with a fictitious name, Congressman Boner. Barb Weir:           Congressman Boner, when did […]

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Romney and Obama balloon

Obama and Romney Both Concede

This reporter has learned that the presidential candidates of the two major parties have both decided to concede the election. Since they had both prepared their speeches in advance and were waiting for Wheel of Fortune to finish, I was able to do a short interview with each of them via SMS text to their […]

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bibi for pres

Netanyahu Declares Candidacy for U.S. President

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu today called a press conference to announce that he would accept the position of U.S. President, which he hoped would end the acrimony and divisiveness of the Romney-Obama rivalry for the office.  Following is a transcript: Netanyahu:     Thank you for coming today.  Because of the close ties between the […]

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Republicans desperately seeking ways to overcome their candidate's statements

The Desperate Republican Strategy to Win the Election

It may have been the sight of my old AMC Rambler1, but it was the chance of a lifetime when Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney gave me an exclusive press pass to last weekend’s Republican National Committee strategy session. Here is how it went. RNC Chairman Reince Priebus opened the meeting with a challenge. “We […]

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ryan-romney-fawkes cropped

Exclusive: Romney Embraces Anarchy

U.S. Republican Presidential Nominee Mitt Romney has been besieged with requests for clarification of his statements on video that 47% of Americans depend on government.  However, this journalist was able to reach him in the shower and force him to answer questions before giving him his towel, which resulted in a surprising revelation. Barb Weir:    […]

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U.S. Democratic Party Narrowly Avert Threat of Democracy

In a historic and unprecedented move, the U.S. Democratic Party asked the delegates at its 2012 national convention in Charlotte, North Carolina to use democratic procedures to approve a platform amendment.  At the last minute, however, they avoided the whim of popular will by creatively interpreting an evenly divided voice vote as a two-thirds majority […]

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Kevin_Yoder Naked

The Naked Congressman Cover-Up

For more than a year, first-term Congressional Representative Kevin Yoder (Republican from Kansas) managed to conceal the fact that he went skinny-dipping in front of twenty other members of Congress, their staff and families, during a trip to Israel. The incident was exposed, as was the naked Congressman, by an FBI investigation into the all-expense […]

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