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Hasbara: Operation Protective Ledge in Wounded Knee

Following is the transcript of a White House press conference that took place more than 120 years ago.  It appears to have been recorded by an unknown White House stenographer and distributed by the office of the White House Press Secretary. January 3, 1891 White House Press Secretary Mark Forgiv met today with members of […]

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Failed ‘Hasbara’ insults just bounce off Alice

Hasbara has become a dirty word, thanks to it’s dirty practitioners and the dirty job they are trained to do. It’s a Hebrew word for Israel’s sophisticated public relations machinery that’s set up to cynically justify the Jewish entity’s crimes and to create for Israel a ‘brand image’ completely at odds with the ugly truth. […]

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Israel claims Anonymous Video by Iran Agents

Much consternation and nervous navel gazing has broken out amongst the Jewish community recently, due to the on-going cyber- attacks against Israeli websites. A Jerusalem Post article yesterday claimed, that the recent Anonymous video (Message to the state of Israel) is the work of Iranian agents. Yet they have not a single shred of evidence for […]

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