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Israel claims Anonymous Video by Iran Agents

Much consternation and nervous navel gazing has broken out amongst the Jewish community recently, due to the on-going cyber- attacks against Israeli websites. A Jerusalem Post article yesterday claimed, that the recent Anonymous video (Message to the state of Israel) is the work of Iranian agents. Yet they have not a single shred of evidence for […]

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Cyber Wars – CIA gets Hacked.

January 15th 2012, the CIA website is hacked by f3nix_h4ck3r. A release on Pastebin called ‘usuario & Pass Cia’ shows the CIA’s main website being probed, or penetration testing as it is euphemistically called. Penetration testing is where a website is scanned for vulnerabilities. Hackers don’t actually do this themselves, well very rarely. They have […]

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#OpFreePalestine PART 3

The following is the latest ‘data dump’ taken in the ongoing cyber-war that has broken out between renegade Saudi Hackers, and Israeli backed (8200) hackers.   The basic message is this – until things change for the better in Palestine, any Israeli website is a target for hacking.   Hackers are now becoming a serious […]

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Israeli cyber attack on Saudis?

Last week a cyber attack was launched called #OpFreePalestine by a group of Saudi Hackers. As a result of this attack, thousands of credit cards were released. Israel hit back today with their own threats, or are they bluffing. According to Ynet, a group of Israeli Hackers have ‘obtained’ details of thousands of Saudi credit […]

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Hackers threaten Israel

A new front has opened up against Israel. It started on the social networks, spreading slowly at first as various twitter campaigns were started to protest Israel abuses. It seemed that whilst Israel does control large parts of the mainstream media. Controlling the social networks was a good deal more tricky. Gradually connections were being […]

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Israeli sites hacked ~ #OpFreePalestine

 #OpFreePalestine Update. The following information has been released today  (on a well know paste website site used for anonymous posting) January 8th 2012 as part of the ongoing action against Israeli websites. We are in the process of analysing the data. More information is due shorlty and a major group action is planned for Friday […]

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Anonymous #OpHiroshima

2012 looks like the year that Anonymous will go global and become a very serious force to be reckoned with. Assuming World War III does not engulf the planet in mayhem then at best global protest and activism are only going to increase. The Anonymous collective are breaking all the rules of traditional top down […]

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Israeli Credit Card Hack

The Following is a press release from oxOmar a collective of Arabian Hackers. Recently over the Xmas period various hacker factions have united to try to deal with Israel and its oppressive Zionist regime. They perceive quite correctly that Zionists operating out Israel, UK and US are leading us all to War War III.  They […]

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