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They won’t silence George with half-truths

After providing days of Holocaust coverage the BBC is slammed for inviting ‘anti-Israel MP’ George Galloway to a chat show BBC TV are being bad-mouthed for inviting MP George Galloway onto the Question Time panel in the Finchley and Golders Green constituency next week. Golders Green especially, and neighbouring Finchley to a lesser extent, are […]

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Picture 26

BBC sexual abuse scandal, Trident and more…

Published on Nov 12, 2012 by PressTVGlobalNews. In this edition of the show: Jimmy Savile’s sexual scandal, which has recently rocked the British Broadcasting Corporation, is the latest in a series of fiascos hitting the broadcaster over the past decades, but still no official body is monitoring the crown-owned corporation. International affairs: Britain is facing […]

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Who is running the Western mainstream media?

We usually hear the boastful assertions of the leaders of the Western mainstream media that their media outlets are ideologically, financially and politically independent of their respective governments and what they put forward as packages of information to be consumed by the readers or viewers are unbiased, realistic, unprejudiced and objective. The Western mainstream media […]

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Sun Ra, Brother From Another Planet

I got into Sun-Ra 3-4 years ago and I quickly became fascinated by this Alien Cuckoo from Saturn. When he is good his very very good, When he is bad he is terrible. Well to be fair it’s not terrible, rather ugly sounding. Sun Ra merges beautiful and ugly sounds into a rapturous joyous noise. […]

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Mic Righteous

BBC censors Palestine from rap

Mic Righteous PRESS RELEASE for immediate release: 31st January 2012: – The BBC has admitted it was ‘overcautious’ in editing the word ‘Palestine’ from an artist’s performance on Radio 1Xtra and has said it is ‘looking to learn’ from the way it handled the situation. However, in a ruling released today (31/01/12), the BBC Trust said the […]

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BBC censors own report on Tunisia’s Jews

There was a moment in a report from Tunisia by the BBC’s Wyre Davies when I could not stop myself laughing. I was listening to it on the Corporation’s generally excellent World Service radio. (In my view this particular BBC service is generally excellent because unlike all other BBC news and current affairs outlets, radio […]

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