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Stealth Spread of Sharia in the US

An alarming report was published by Richard Edmondson on his site, although he fails to see its true significance and the imminent danger this incident represents:

“An American Pastor, Reverend Wess Magruder, has decided to partake in the Muslims holy month of Ramadan this year with his Muslim friends, by fasting, praying and reading the Holy Quran.
The United Methodist has not only decided to observe the Ramadan fast this year but also to share his experience on his personal blog, Shia-Online reported.


Magruder says he turned to the Muslim faith for inspiration since he knew that Muslims have successfully been fasting for 30 days each year during Ramadan for over fourteen hundred years.
“I feel a constant ‘buzz’ [during the fast] in my head,” Magruder wrote on his blog.

“This buzz serves a useful purpose, by the way. It keeps me conscious of God, of God’s presence, of God’s will that is bursting to become real in the world. And so when something else isn’t going on in front of me, the buzz reminds me to speak to God,” he added.

“I feel very happy and fortunate now,” Magruder wrote, after fasting from sunrise till sunset.

Where do I begin? A Christian turns to a Muslim for inspiration?!
Can’t he get enough of a buzz from fasting like a proper Christian on Good Friday by eating only fish?

I am not surprised this comes from the Methodist church. True Christianity is in grave danger in the US: Jerry Falwell is dead and Pat Robertson is not feeling so well, despite the use of those wonderful christian vitamins he was selling on his site. There was once a bright star of televangelism, Jim Bakker, who preached the theology of prosperity, something a muslim fanatic of fasting at Ramadan cannot comprehend. He was brought down by fake scandals.

John Hagee, recognized as a true Christian and thus honored with the Humanitarian of the Year Award by B’nai Brith, also sadly appears to be in poor health, suffering from a tremendous excess of weight that makes breathing difficult.

In these times of turmoil, when judeo-christian values are challenged and the dark forces of Islam are working to establish the caliphate worldwide (whatever that means, of which I am proud to remain ignorant), when muslims living in America work quietly and stealthily to install sharia law over our land of the free, to whom will the American Christians turn for guidance?
To shepherds like Magruder who fraternize with the enemy and seek to spread the islamist hold over the homeland? That is precisely what he is doing:

In his blog, Magruder invited all people of the Christian faith to try the fasting experience even for one day.”

Let us think in depth, what are the potential consequences of this deceivingly benign act of “fasting together.”
From the spiritual perspective there can only be a nefarious influence of an alien religion upon our christian faith. I mean judeo-christian values.

From the practical, everyday life standpoint the effect of huge numbers of people fasting by choice would be disastrous. It is one thing for an unemployed Christian to spend his money on medication and have little left for food: potato chips are still inexpensive. It is another thing altogether if thousands, perhaps more, people decide to fast for 30 days.

Archer Daniels Midlands would not go bankrupt (it is too big to fail) but hundreds of people who work in its plants in 270 countries around the world may lose their jobs. The effect on the US and the world’s economy would be painfully felt. It is naive to think the stealth activists promoting this fraternal commingling with Islamists do not have the destruction of the US economy as a goal.

When in disarray, when in doubt, the flock should look to its shepherds as role models: does Haggee look like he is sinning by fasting the Islamic way? Certainly not.

Christians must remain vigilant, now more than ever, in the defense of their judeo-christian values to ward off nefarious influences.

3 Responses to Stealth Spread of Sharia in the US

  1. Barb Weir August 8, 2012 at 11:02 pm #

    The rest of the article is great, Ariadna, but you’re completely mistaken about Sharia Lau, who is a good friend of mine competing in the Olympics with the Singapore team. The threat that she represents is in the newly introduced sport of jumping to conclusions, and frankly, I don’t think she’s much of a threat at all. I think America can’t be beat in that sport.

    • Ariadna Theokopoulos August 9, 2012 at 7:28 am #

      When I first read your comment I froze.
      “Lau”?!? ANOTHER typo?! I made another one?
      I said to myself: “I am not afraid of Barb. Yet.
      But what if fool me once sees this? The small cuts, jabs and stings that never heal. Oh, no…. I went back to my article and re-read it but I didn’t see “Sharia Lau” anywhere. It didn’t bring me peace. Why should I trust myself to see it now if I didn’t see it in the first place. I will never know for sure, that’s all.
      Supposing you are not talking about “my” “Lau” but another one, the real athlete, let me say this:
      It is inaccurate. The US has never competed in the Conclusion Hurdle Cup. Furthermore, it is no more part of the Olympics than miniature golf is part of golf tournaments.
      The US competes in the World Conclusion Manufacturing (CM) Championship which, like the baseball world competition, has a select participation, which is why it is called CM 7.

  2. who_me August 8, 2012 at 11:20 pm #


    lol, they’re israeli loyalists.