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Springtime for Auschwitz


People walk through the gate, with the words “Arbeit macht frei” (Work sets you free), of the former Nazi death camp of Auschwitz in Oswiecim January 27,2010. Survivors from Auschwitz, veterans and international leaders including Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu participated on Wednesday in ceremonies marking the 65th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz camp by Soviet troops and to remember the victims of the Holocaust. REUTERS/Kacper Pempel (POLAND)

It appears that unlike journalists in the MSM, advertisers hold nothing scared, not even names that are only fit to be uttered reverently, never to make jokes about in questionable taste.

ynet has pulled the alarm over advertisements that take the Holocaust’s name in vain and use Auschwitz imagery in a profane way that is sure to hurt jewish sensitivities grieveously.

Take for instance the Estonian gas company ad for cheaper gas, featuring the Auschwitz iconic Arbeit Macht Frei gate with the caption “Gas heating — flexible, convenient, and effective.”

Needless to say the outcry that ensued forced the removal of the ad but the company’s director, Sen Linros, dug himself into a deeper hole when he apologized by saying he wanted to “present the concentration camp in a different light.”

He felt his humor had been misunderstood so he persisted by explaining that Hitler killed himself because he was bankrupted by the Auschwitz gas bill. Sven said he felt sorry for the victims and their families but he wanted them to know that “the CH4 gas is not toxic and can be used for heating, even those with such a sad history.” You can’t make this stuff up.

Then there is the Dubai ad, another advertising group that needs an intensive Holocaust sensitivity seminar, advertising a fitness center, which features the image of the train tracks leading to Auschwitz. The caption says, “Kiss your calories good bye.”

The advertiser said he used the image to suggest that the exercise and fitness gym promoted in the ad is like a “concentration camp for calories.”

He then explained the core principle of advertising: “the way branding works is… you get people talking about your business.” He got that in spades.

Could it be that this is a twisted, diminished form of free speech, chipping at taboos, and could advertising, ironically, be a refuge for would-be or failed journalists, the only pasture where they hope there are no sacred cows? It makes one think of a tube of toothpaste, tightly capped, that when pressed oozes toothpaste through a fissure at the other end.

I will watch ads more closely from now on. I find advertisements on TV more interesting than the news anyway and I find them very helpful when trying to learn a new language.

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  1. fool me once... September 2, 2012 at 1:12 am #

    Admittedly with no scientific back up, would you say an advertisers subtle psychological touch has been used to bring about an association between the first picture and the second? The smoking chimney in the first, wavy metalwork gates with equal bars/spacing numbers, brick and clay tiled buildings on one side of the picture and trees, hints towards subconscious dilly dallying’s?
    2 pictures, 2 tabs – flick between ’em a few times. You decide.

    • Ariadna Theokopoulos September 2, 2012 at 8:37 pm #

      The one used in the movie was that gate of a gas company in Munich… Ironies abound

      • fool me once... September 2, 2012 at 9:34 pm #

        Or to misquote eto “a singular irony of gate”.

        • etominusipi September 3, 2012 at 12:07 pm #

          😉 though that post was a quote, so i cannot take credit for the phrase. fool_me_one’s phrase, on the other hand, is original, a very finely wrought irony.

      • fool me once... September 2, 2012 at 11:28 pm #

        “The one used in the movie was that gate of a gas company in Munich…”
        I read this as though an old gate from a Munich gas company had been bought by the film makers and installed on set, but apparently after checking that out, it is filmed in Munich with gas works gates in situ outside the real Munich Gas Werks Company, I take it that’s what you was telling me.
        I know it’s an american film but surely someone would have noticed the irony, maybe they were fully aware and it was a reminder or even a boast to the initiated? Unintentional or not, there’s some deep subconscious shit going down by the film makers. Is it that the “Auschwitz gates” replaced by the Wonka gates represented a metaphor to convey the “suffering” had paid off and the $golden$ eggs are now in full production?
        Admittance to Wonkaville and the Jacob’s Ladder Great Glass Elevator required strict observance to two of the rules; the “Revised 8th Commandment” and ownership of a Golden Ticket.
        It’s a subtext that’s turned childhood memories a shade greyer 🙁 .
        ( 😀 )

        • Ariadna Theokopoulos September 3, 2012 at 12:30 am #

          I don’t remember it well, only the oppressive, scary atmosphere of it all. A Kafka with chocolate you can drown in.

          • fool me once... September 4, 2012 at 12:36 pm #

            Ok, not wanting to labour the point but failing miserably, here’s the 1971 trailer, which to my mind has a pictorial narrative (?) of the journey from A to Z (Auschwitz to Zionist israel) for children. Even the alliance between the nazi’s and zionists is revealed, as nazi-like Mr SlugWorth turns out to be Zionist Mr Wonka’s ally.
            So no more “pure imagination” comments on the subject from me unless someone else cares to take a peek beneath the zionised Wonka wrapping 😀 .
            “Umpa lumpa doopedy doo
            Their lies within, are a puzzle for you
            Umpa lumpa doopedy dee
            “Sugar coated candy wicked israeli”

          • Ariadna Theokopoulos September 4, 2012 at 3:55 pm #

            You’re not failing at all as far as I am concerned. It is just that I am not sufficiently familiar with the story except at second hand–never having even seen the full movie.
            I am, however, clear on Superman, for example, on which we even have quite a few proud jews explain the jewish supremacist message (the internet abounds in such reviews).

          • fool me once... September 9, 2012 at 11:08 pm #

            Cheers AT. Just in case you do happen to catch the film, the one I’m referring to is the 1971 Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.
            The film is directed by Mel Stuart (Stuart Solomon) and produced by David L. Wolper who goes on to be executive producer of 1977 Roots along with directors Marvin J. Chomsky, John Erman, David Greene and Gilbert Moses.
            MJ Chomsky directs the award winning 1978 Drama Series “Holocaust”.
            The recent much hyped Dr. Who series in UK has had “the touch” with this weeks episode “Dinosaurs on a Spaceship” directed by Saul Metzstein with nods to Speilbergs movies (Raiders, Jurassic etc) in the plot and the “jewesque” main villain given the name Solomon, of whom wiki writes;
            “Solomon reveals himself as a exotic black market trader, who believes everything and everyone has a price.”
            Solomon hijacks an Ark spaceship and kills the “reptile-like humanoids” called Silurians.
            It always surprises me just how much influence the J’s have had for decades in the media that gets the attention.
            Superman, Gold Kryptonite(z=36), Jews – who would of thought it?! 😉

          • Ariadna Theokopoulos September 10, 2012 at 3:21 am #

            I will.

            I read the wikipedia entry on Siegel re Superman and found it very interesting:
            He and Shuster initially created Superman as:
            ” a bald telepathic villain named “The Superman,” bent on dominating the entire world.”
            The Goyim did not care for it: “The character was not successful. ”
            So they modified it into its opposite, a savior, a huge difference wikipedia downplays as merely.. ” the more familiar version of the character.”
            They are presented as “children of Jewish immigrants,” a status that “is also thought to have influenced their work. Timothy Aaron Pevey has argued that they crafted “an immigrant figure whose desire was to fit into American culture as an American.”

            It does not come down convincingly as wishing to ‘fit in’ as much as to disguising themselves as “Americans.”

          • fool me once... February 1, 2013 at 10:32 pm #

            Superman Unbound is the latest juperman cartoon trailer, which has Minarets at 13secs, under a destructive dome at 27 secs and Millions Under Siege 1:01mins etc.
            Hmmm, wonder what the subtext/plot is?

  2. pgg804 September 2, 2012 at 2:36 am #

    That’s why Germany lost the war. It was the huge gas bill at the end and they couldn’t pay it.

  3. etominusipi September 2, 2012 at 12:31 pm #

    Oświęcim (from wikipedia)

    Following the Fragmentation of Poland in 1138. Casimir II the Just attached the town to the Duchy of Opole in 1179 for his younger brother Mieszko I Tanglefoot. The town was destroyed in 1241 during the Tatar invasions. Around 1272 the newly rebuilt town created a municipal charter modeled on those of Lwówek Śląski (a Polish variation of the Magdeburg Law). Throughout much of history, Germans and Poles lived together peacefully in the town. From 1315 the town was the capital of independent duchy. In 1327, John I, Duke of Oświęcim joined with a western part of Galicia (Central Europe), the Duchy of Oświęcim, and Duchy of Zator a vassal state attached to the Kingdom of Bohemia. In the 14th century the population declined. The portion of ethnic Germans in the town shrank and in 1457 the Polish king Casimir IV bought the rights to the town, which was attached afterwards to the Cracow Voivodeship. Jews, invited by Polish kings to settle in the region, had already become the majority of the population in the 15th century. The town also became one of the centres of Protestant culture in Poland…After World War I, the city became part of the Second Polish Republic. On the eve of World War II there were about 8,000 Jews in the city, over half the population.

  4. etominusipi September 2, 2012 at 12:48 pm #

    by a singular irony of fate, Casimir, in consequence of his unswerving efforts to make his country glorious and prosperous, entirely forfeited the popularity of his Polish subjects, whose true interests he understood far better than they did themselves.

  5. etominusipi September 2, 2012 at 1:06 pm #

    Ariadna, as a keen campaigner against anti-semitism, i draw your attention to this appalling diatribe (excerpt given below URL), which i accidentally encountered when, my interest stimulated by the italicized passages in the preceding comments, i was looking for information concerning the history of the House of Jagello. i think the author is seriously mentally deranged, whether or not this should be regarded as mitigation. i give this excerpt unexpurgated, for illustrative purposes. readers should be warned that the language sometimes strays beyond the acceptable registers of polite conversation.

    …Here is painting again, for 1096, of Jews begging Poland for a home after being massacred by Yellow Chinese to the point of extinction, being kicked out by all the other European nations, and then we became their slaves for 900 years. Today, the Jews still “demand” $$$ for reparations for Holocaust, and they think we are dumb Polaks and don’t realize the Jews “imprisoned” and “enslaved” and “starved us to death” and Jews own us their entire Treasury and I want my part for the big contribution I made with my sorrowful, passionate, truthful, Godly writings and actions and prayers.
    Sadly, as I read this article, Poland isn’t noted as saving Europe from extinction when the enemies of Europe were warring them, but Poland is noted as the Concentration Camp of the World which killed Jews. (who are not Christians and I care less what happens to them. It is none of my business, other than to demand restitution for my suffering because of them.) Here it shows the painting:
    For the first time, since I have been drowning the internet with my writings, I find this painting in a “frame.”

    I’ve never seen the complete painting before, just snap shot view. I never noticed all the White birds flying, especially the 2 high above. The Polish royalty and church clergy on right, Jews on left, Polish guards with spears surrounding. Could the Poles only have known that the Jews would assassinate their Polish King just 100 years later, as Jews assassinated Irish White President Kennedy according to Michael Collins Piper’s book, Final Judgment. The Jew controlled media first molded our minds of the Kennedy’s as the “Perfect Camelot” couple for the world to fall in love with, (Jewish playing us and using our emotions for their plots, monopoly, $$) and then we were so shaken after the death, we let the Jews Revolt against us and replace us. Being a religious country, the Poles fell for the Jews who pretend to pray, but in essence hypnotize us with their prayers of destruction, rob our pockets, rape our women and give the spoils to blacks, browns, animals, vultures as they did to my Daddy’s ancestors in Galicia Poland.
    I wrote before that the Jews would have businesses in Poland. Employ Polish labor. Also have distilleries and breweries and Jews owned them as well as taverns. The Poles were coaxed into drinking there and once a little drunk, the Jews would give them credit to drink more. Although the liquor was probably water as in the Bible, when Jesus turned the water into wine, the first wine was the best, but then gave watered down. Nonetheless the Jews charged and gave credit for regular booze not watered down. Before you know it, the first Jew would fire the Pole, and the Pole had no $$ to pay the Jew for the tavern credit. The White Christian Pole had to turn over all his possessions, even his wife for Jew sex probably, and that was everything the White Pole worked for in his entire life. So in essence, the Jew got entire “free” labor. Did I say “free” labor? Did the Whites do that to the niggers of the South? Did the White of the South make drunks of the blacks, then take away their homes, all their belongings and leave the niggers littered for vultures to eat on the plains of Savannah Georgia? Then when the world stop idolizing the blacks and Jews and put them in their right place. After the Jews starved my Daddy’s relatives, the Jews put on their golden glittery capes (which they hide so they appear like their host country) and went to my Daddy’s land where the corpses laid and the Jews robbed the dead Polish White Christian corpses!!!!
    Remember this when we “celebrate” or “commemorate” our Polish history.I pray to God that now that Hitler removed the “bodies” of the Jews by dispersing them, 6,000,000 into Israel, 6,000,000 into USA, and the few killed in World War II, that we revise our World War II history and European History and trace what effect Jews have had on Christians for 2,000 years.
    I’ve already suggested Jews used Poland as a “hideout” or address and then traveled freely all around Poland, gouging us financially and raping our women leaving them impregnated as the Nazis knew in their 25 Rules forbidding Jews to have sex with White German girls. Three times it is mentioned that is how much they believed that these Jewish rapes and the bastards they left behind for Germany to support and become degenerated while Jews rose to godhood and “financial geniuses” as the German embassies call them today….
    I do not believe anyone, until I came along, showed the prominence of Jewry Monopoly in Poland that spread thru Europe. And I have very little to go on. No one will help me. My nephew moved to Poland but doesn’t return my emails. He stays in touch with my other sisters who have done nothing for him or his mother, but he will reject me. Story of my life.
    While we look to “England” and the Jewish “Rothchild” bankers, we don’t trace back far enough to Jew’s Hideaway n Poland.
    Today, I do not think the Jewish headquarters are in USA, nor in Israel, but a 3rd secret location. At least I would look into it if there are FBI spies reading my emails. Could it be yellow China? Or Jews hiding in India? Or some island or little country within a country. Just follow them and spy on them instead of me. Jews communicate thru body language as they did to make Stock $$ after Napoleon and English war, or by carrier pigeon letting Jews know who “won” the war so Jews would have stock sale $$ advantage. Jews now communicate thru their movies, with the background, perhaps signaling each other of moves they are going to make in business, against Whites, against churches etc.
    Mama was going to marry a Jew in 1930. Mama was Hollywood beautiful. It was Mama’s wedding day, and she married White Polish Christian Daddy who worked for Fr. Baker who will be canonized as a saint, “Padre of the Poor.” The Jew came banging on Mama’s door to stop the wedding but Grandma took a broomstick and beat him away. The Jewish women love that for they want all the Jewish $$ for their “race” and “business” religion. That is why they are all Jewish Princesses on a Pedestal. Not the men, but the Jewess woman for us to worship, adore, imitate and venerate their names like household products.
    Daddy then went to work for Jews in book publishing and never gave him raise. Daddy thought they all liked him and when I got married he asked for 200 invitations But as the Broadway song sings “Empty Chairs, Empty Tables.” They never showed up nor did they give a card with $$$ or gift or even well wishes. Daddy was an animal to the Jews.
    Mama worked for Jews and said they were the filthiest people, loaded with lice. If you connect that with Hitler, the only gas chambers were those built by Germans with precision to de-louse the Jew’s filthy bug infested clothing. That is where the term “you dirty louse” came in, but no one ever referred it to the Jews we worship instead of God. I worked for Jews, found mice in their skyscrapers up to the 36 th floor, down, green phlegm in their wall home registers, bugs in their cabinets. I found dog poop on their floors for their babies to crawl over and eat. They left moldy dishes and ovens for me to clean that were left dirty all week. They would accuse me of “stealing” so that I was always nervous and afraid, yet I never stole. In fact, when one female Jewish professor accused me of stealing her necklace, I looked over the entire house until I found it. She buried it by her bed stand under a bunch of junk. She never apologized when I returned it and told her where she left it. I had to pick up her daughter’s vibrator, when I didn’t even know such a thing existed, especially since Mama & Daddy had 12 penetration sex children! My sister would have to pick up dirty bloody pads thrown on the floor in Jewess women’s bathrooms. I had to clean the scum off of Jewish swimming pools when they should have hired a service and paid the full price.
    I would listen when Mama would tell me about how Jews were going to ruin Chicago and replace us, take our $$ by real estate block busting, giving homes to blacks jews and browns for practically nothing while we fled for our lives out of fear and terror.
    I had to watch Mama work for Jewish doctors and their wives, daughters, who treated Mama like an animal for all her slaving. Scrubbing on her hands and knees. I read that was particular to what Jewess’ would do to Polish white Christian women. It was “psychological” and “mental” witchery to always have the Jewess standing high above, and the Polish woman on her knees, wet, dirty, begging for a few pennies, and not only giving them work, but probably having to screw the doctor as well.
    I, as Polish White Christian woman, was raped by a Jewish doctor from the University of Illinois, who then threatened me for life if I would tell anyone for he had a “Jewish wife and children,” and it would “ruin him.” He didn’t care if he killed me and indeed he would have thru injections, pills, etc. for he couldn’t have me live and tell people I was carrying his baby. (although it was false pregnancy induced by fear and terror by Jew doctor against me.) I believed him when he said he had gotten help thru psychoanalysis and he would never do it again. 7 years later when I needed help again suffering from marriage to Viet Vet, he again tried to rape me, but I fled, like Joseph in the Bible from the woman chasing him. He then gave me prescription with the “new cure” for depression, but I fooled him and took it to another female Asian doctor in 1976, who warned me not to take it as it could give me delusions, hallucinations, suicide! Had I taken it, when my husband so me going strange from the medicine he would have called this rapist Jew doctor and he would have me committed to lunatic asylum and then disposed of me thru injections, etc. He committed the Jewish Perfect Crime like 9/11… until… the Truth was discovered and then well researched and accepted by many, many.
    I recently witnessed the Jew who married my Polish Croatian niece, kept her for 20 years, had 2 children, and then dumped her. He covered the statue of Blessed Virgin Mary with a stocking and then something else and even carried it out of the house for he felt the Blessed Virgin’s eyes were “seeing him right thru!” Jews note only hate Jesus but his mother as well and are hell bent on killing off White Christianity. The other raced Christians to me appear to be in it for the $$$, jobs, advancement, not God, Jesus or Mary or Joseph his father. The Jew dumps my niece and then argues that he doesn’t want to give “college” to the son. Yet if the son were Jewish he would have Harvard. It says in most of these 1/2 Jewish marriages, the offspring dwindle and decay and become as nothing and only the strong Jews of pure race survive for the “big $$$ to be sucked from Whites, as Jewish Rabbi suck the little peter of newborn males circumcised and bloody…

    • Ariadna Theokopoulos September 2, 2012 at 8:38 pm #

      That’s one sick baby. A woman with far more time on her hands than brains

      • etominusipi September 3, 2012 at 2:47 am #

        yes, i am thankful that with the resources of modern psychiatry this deluded woman, and others like her, may be rescued from the trap of the mental illness that has caused this utterly revolting outburst of antisemitism.

        i really believe that, before her mental stability was seriously compromised, probably through too much exposure to the kind of disgusting tripe we all see far too often on the internet, the author was perhaps a kind of deluded ‘patriot’.

        it worries me somewhat that in our attempts to find an objective view of history, some of us on deLiberation have unwittingly given encouragement to unbalanced personages such as the author of that blog. it has really jolted me into a new sense of responsibility for the suffering of the descendents of the six million slaughtered victims of German National Socalism.

        is there anything we can do, collectively? perhaps a small gesture might at least show we are aware of the problem. i am considering writing a large cheque to the Elie Wiesel Centre, to be employed as seen fit to counter the wave of mental sickness which is increasingly afflicting almost everyone in these trying times. but it is easy to make gestures. perhaps it would be more appropriate if, with Jonathan’s help, we could make some kind of collective acknowledgement of what we now perceive to be a real and present danger. should i, perhaps, contact tony greenstein and ask his advice? he seems to be very compassionate in the matter of victims of antisemitic mental disorders, whilst bending over backwards to sympathise with the Palestinian propagfandists whose domination of the media, more than anything else, has given succour to what might otherwise have been merely temporary and sporadic outbreaks. as usual i await guidance from you, with your more experienced and nuanced view of these somewhat troubling matters.

        • Ariadna Theokopoulos September 3, 2012 at 3:03 am #

          “i am considering writing a large cheque”

          I hope that was a typo and you did not mean “a” but “another.
          Now, more than ever, Holocaust organizations need our support. In that regard I salute UNESCO’s decision to carry out a study of how the Holocaust is taught in countries around the globe and recommend improvements. It is necessary to ensure that future generations understand the Holocaust as an organizing principle of life itself.

          • pgg804 September 3, 2012 at 3:17 am #

            You have a very funny sense of humor. I found the article hilarious and this response “now more than ever…” funny too.

            It would be inappropriate to laugh at your article if the holocaust really happened as we are instructed to believe, but since I no longer believe what the conformist historians write, I have no problem laughing at something that never happened.

          • Ariadna Theokopoulos September 3, 2012 at 12:38 pm #

            Thank you.
            eto is giving you (below) more reasons for hilarity.

          • etominusipi September 3, 2012 at 9:13 am #

            the Holocaust as an organizing principle of life itself !!!

            Ariadna, you can imagine i am kicking myself all round the floor of my study! what a tremendous, unifying conception – and yet so magnificently simple. how could i have missed this, which has been staring me in the face for years? i have been busying myself with trees whilst you have seen the wood.

            well, although you have virtually reduced my life’s work to a meaningless pile of burning rubbish i hope sufficient nobility of spirit remains in me to salute your insight in a totally unresentful way. you utterly deserve the Nobel Peace prize which will undoubtedly be bestowed upon you when the world at large learns of your tremendous insight, which will revolutionise both the social and biological sciences.

            i shall perhaps now consider giving up my researches, which have been revealed as no more than a futile mimicry of true scholarship, and prepare myself to take on a new challenge. one of my few remaining friends has suggested i should essay my chances as a peripatetic vendor of domestic cleaning appliances. but meanwhile i shall continue kicking myself for the remaining hours until noon.

            i worry a little about our young German contributor, who seems to have misinterpreted your thesis, and to find something amusing in the idea of chosen people not having been brutally exterminated. nothing could be a greater insult their memory than to rejoice in the fact that they did not die horrible deaths. i hope this folly is merely a symptom of youthful exuberance, which will in time give place to the fruits of a more sober assessment.

          • Ariadna Theokopoulos September 3, 2012 at 12:36 pm #

            This is another post of yours I will share with the three readers of my blog. [I think it correct to say “3” even though that number includes me as well because I always re-read them after posting with undiminished pleasure.]
            Eventually I will probably assemble them in a collection called “Epistles from eto.”
            I hasten to note that it is not your praise of my teachings I find most meritorious in this post. No, that is a not altogether unattractive hyperbole, but a hyperbole nevertheless. Nor is it the close to abject humility vis-a-vis your own merits. I find that to be a not entirely unpleasing trait in a disciple.
            It is in fact your keen understanding of the Holocaust Organizing Principle (HOP), a hop (if I may be forgiven a pedestrian pun) not even able prancers in the pastures of propaganda (a much-maligned pedagogical method) can execute gracefully.
            “nothing could be a greater insult their memory than to rejoice in the fact that they did not die horrible deaths. ”
            I will render in bold face, as it deserves.

          • David Holden September 10, 2012 at 4:50 pm #

            looking back with the benefit of a week’s hindsight i see you have, with that unerring and needle-sharp insight for which you are justly renowned (not merely here, but also far beyond the pages of deLiberation, into the most distant desert fortresses of the peripheral blogosphere), have alighted on the single slightly meritorious phrase in my otherwise tendentious and ill-shapen exposition.

            a few days ago, in a moment of presumption, and adopting the mask of the fugitive persona known as etominusipi, i took the liberty of registering with boldfacenews, though on recently revisiting the site, was not immediately made aware of an appropriate online procedure for accomplishing that familiar yet crucial electronic handshake still affectionately known to the handful of surviving first-generation trekkies as logging in.

  6. Ariadna Theokopoulos September 10, 2012 at 6:24 pm #

    That site continues to be something of mystery to me in terms of how it operates. The person who designed it is the kind of artist who like Pygmalion falls in love with his creations — also like a painter who can’t bear to sell his works, only rent them.
    I keep asking him for info on how to do this or that but he only gives me crumbs of cryptic and morose replies.
    Among many — too many to count — outstanding and unique qualities I am justly famous for, the one that has always been absent is patience. So one of these days I will just abandon it altogether and leave it to the possessive and tyrannical artist.
    Nevertheless I will pose this question to him and perhaps I can inform myself and let you know too.