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Some Potentially Serious Trouble for Israel


People in general, as well as 9/11 Truthers, are waking up to the very politically incorrect idea that Israel was the prime mover in the atrocity of 9/11.  I got applause when, during the Q&A, I stated my belief that Israel did 9/11, with American help. A year ago I might have gotten boos.

Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth are currently in the midst of a nationwide, 31-city tour promoting the final edition of their documentary, 9/11: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out. This week events are being held in Oklahoma City, Minneapolis, Chicago, Madison, Detroit, and Buffalo, and the tour is scheduled to wind up in San Francisco on July 11.

While the tour actually opened in San Diego on May 21, an “opening night premiere” took place in Los Angeles on May 22, at the Beverly Hills Music Hall Theater on Wilshire Blvd. You can click here to see a press conference held by Richard Gage, AE 9/11 Truth founder, in which he talks about the controlled demolition of the World Trade Center buildings, dust samples taken in which nano-thermite chips were found, etc. But some people now are calling upon AE 9/11 Truth to get beyond the “how” of 9/11, and to start addressing the issue of “who.” One issuing such a call is Zan Overall, also known as The Wise Old Man, who was present at the opening premiere in L.A. The following is his report. His article recently was posted at Mr. Friend’s Blog.

By Zan Overall

Richard Gage and his Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth organization ( premiered the final version of their documentary called “Explosive Evidence” in Los Angeles on May 22nd, 2012.

I, the alleged Wise Old Man, attended, hoping to enlarge the scope of the event by focusing on “WHO” did 9/11 instead of just “HOW” the bastards did 9/11.

Richard Gage has made believing 9/11 Truthers out of many, many people. I admire him and we are friends. He does not get into the “WHO,” probably a wise strategic decision for him.

I DID get into the “WHO” that night, standing on the sidewalk with placards, one of which read:

People in general, as well as 9/11 Truthers, are waking up to the very politically incorrect idea that Israel was the prime mover in the atrocity of 9/11.  I got applause when, during the Q&A, I stated my belief that Israel did 9/11, with American help. A year ago I might have gotten boos.

During my sidewalk activity I said (loudly) things like:

“Israelis with American helpers did 9/11. The monsters who did 9/11 LOVE you Half Truthers if you don’t say Israel did 9/11!   That gives them more time to do other ‘9/11’s’ like Fukushima. That gives them more time to fool Americans into wiping out more of Israel’s enemies for her.”

I passed out material on Fukushima, principally the article “Fukushima-The Asian 9/11.”

I also said:

“You are spending and wasting years and years trying to get a ‘new investigation.’ You expect that the same powers that be that conducted a fraudulent investigation before would allow an honest one now?  The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Look at all the wasted effort trying to get an investigation in New York.”

Pointing to the traffic going by on Wilshire Blvd. I said, “The only way you are going to get those people to do anything about 9/11 is to get enough of them aware that Israel did 9/11!  Then they will turn the anger that 9/11 aroused against Muslims into anger against the real villains!”

“9/11 is not an intellectual exercise, a hobby. Because the true authors of 9/11, Israel’s leaders, are getting away with it, millions of innocent Muslims are suffering and dying and our country is going broke and piling up some very bad Karma.”

I passed out a lot of material and those attending were made aware that “WHO” did 9/11 is as important, if not more important, than “HOW” it was done.

I like the way Overall uses the term “Half-Truthers” to refer to those who acknowledge the events of 9/11 are not what we’ve been led to believe but who at the same time refuse to discuss Israel’s role—because I’ve encountered people like this in the 9/11 truth movement myself. And he is certainly right on the futility of calling for a new official investigation (AE 9/11 Truth’s only demand to date). But I’m not so sure I agree with him on Gage’s seeming reticence regarding who did 9/11, and with his view that the latter’s continued evasion of the issue is “probably a wise strategic decision for him.”

In his tireless work with AE 9/11 Truth, Richard Gage has achieved some major successes. Thanks to he and the other professionals who have lent their time to studying and analyzing the evidence, people across the U.S., and around the world, have come to realize that the government’s official explanation of the events of 9/11 is a complete sham. Most incredibly of all, Gage and his fellow professionals have accomplished all this in the face of media silence and complicity.

It’s important to note that AE 9/11 Truth has grown, that it is no longer an organization of architects and engineers exclusively. I have not seen this final edition of the documentary, but an earlier version which I did see, and which I posted a review on, included experts in physics and other branches of science. The film even offered comments from psychologists who discuss the subject of cognitive dissonance and why so many people, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, still cling to the official version of 9/11. These are views far outside the scope of architecture and engineering. Would it not be appropriate then, at this point, for Gage to begin expanding the membership of his organization even further, and to include criminologists and law enforcement professionals, perhaps former Defense and CIA employees as well, who would now look at the evidence and examine the issue of who did 9/11?

As mentioned above, I came across Overall’s article at Mr. Friend’s Blog, where blogger John Friend offers up some comments of his own, including the following:

Instead of basing 9/11 Truth outreach efforts on pointing out all the obvious inconsistencies, absurdities, distortions, and outright lies in the official 9/11 narrative, why not point out that the only individuals arrested on 9/11 were Israeli Mossad agents that just so happened to specialize in explosives and electronic intercepts? You know, the types of skills you would need if you were involved in carrying out an attack like 9/11!

We could even print out the police report from the East Rutherford Police Department documenting this fact. And why stop there? Why don’t we go ahead and print out all the FBI and DEA reports detailing the elaborate Israeli spy ring operating in the United States prior to and on 9/11, which was clearly involved in the attacks? We may as well print out the Gerald Shea Memo documenting these facts as well, which was submitted to the official 9/11 Commission Report, but was (of course) ignored.

John also, like Overall, makes the excellent point that issuing a call for a new 9/11 investigation doesn’t make a whole lot of sense when the investigation would be “conducted by the same criminal network that did 9/11 in the first place.” The logic here is hard to argue with. If the official 9/11 investigation was defective—something Gage and his colleagues have established beyond a shadow of a doubt—where is the sense in launching a new investigation, one with, most likely, many of the same shadowy officials pulling the strings in the background as the first time around?

“The family members of the victims lost on 9/11 started the 9/11 truth movement ten years ago,” Gage said at the premiere in L.A. “We are here to support them.” Would not “supporting” the families, then, include beginning to expose who was complicit in the crime committed that day? Is remaining silent on this issue truly a “wise strategic decision”? Or would it be far more strategically wise to begin to address the issue? To what extent are the 9/11 families “supported” by knowing how the deed was committed if the criminals who actually pulled it off never stand accused? In his talk, Gage went on to say that “justice delayed is justice denied.” Quite true. But this delay of justice is only further extended by failing to tackle the all-important issue of who.

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17 Responses to Some Potentially Serious Trouble for Israel

  1. who_me June 4, 2012 at 9:44 pm #

    “Then they will turn the anger that 9/11 aroused against Muslims into anger against the real villains!”

    this is the main fear of the jewish run crypto-zionist “left” and why their gatekeepers consistantly come out denouncing those who question the “official” story a bit too effectively and deeply. any investigation risks uncovering israeli, and zionist jewdom, fingers in that pie, and the resultant awakening curiousity could blow the whole thing wide open. the anger that would be directed at israel and it’s zionist helpers for their leading role in that act of terrorism could very well lead to the demise of both in a very permanent manner.

    • Blake June 5, 2012 at 8:47 am #

      Amen, ditto for the Holocaust and all their other lies (including who they are)

  2. Jonathon Blakeley June 4, 2012 at 10:25 pm #

    IMO Israel, with the help of USA and Britain did 9/11 – the reason to further their Zionist agendas. No doubt at all in my mind ISRAEL was the prime mover in this false flag event. .

    Good article/


  3. etominusipi June 5, 2012 at 10:13 am #

    1. i personally think Richard Gage and Co made a very wise tactical decision to restrict A&E911 to the expert technical deconstruction of the official story.

    2. i propose that the question of ‘whodunnit?’ should be popularized as:

    the 9/11 truth game

    anyone can play, but the main leverage is to be got from demanding (in public) of public figures:

    ‘dare you play the 9/11 truth game?’

    the game should be based on the following:

    leaving aside much of the detailed evidence:

    Israeli security firms! (9/11, “7/7”,Fukushima)

    WT7 not publicised, or dealt with in Commission Report.

    Silverstein: WTC 7 – “Pull it!”
    Netanyahu: 9/11 “Good for Israel”

    9/11 military ‘exercise’ on same day as bombings, dealing with same attack as actually happened

    7/7 security ‘exercise’ on same day as bombings,
    dealing with same attack as actually happened.

    ‘tentative conclusion:’ rogue elements in US and UK governments (Cheyney, Blair etc) acting ‘under orders’ from rogue elements in Israel government. operationally Mossad, MI5, CIA + network of powerfully placed sayanim.

    based on these facts (or any improved modification of the list, which should be kept short and sweet, however) devise a simple questionnaire. this should be answered on video

    for each item X:

    did you know X?
    if answer is ‘no’, show evidence then ask:
    does this convince you that X?

    then next question: do these facts, alone, make a prima facie case that Israel/zionists may have played a role?

    then: ‘to what extent should suspects in a serious crime be trusted with ‘collecting’ the evidence, and controlling the media coverage?’ in context of evidence of zionist control of media and politicians.

    one interesting outcome would be to see what, if any, ‘stock answers’ could be constructed to the clear and simple questions. i suspect nothing very convincing. in which case well-known people who are 911 truth-deniers may only have the option of excusing themselves (on video)

    finally, take a selection of the videos, and let Anthony Lawson do one of his brilliant jobs using sane, rational voiceover and commentary to explain what is really happening.

    just an idea – perhaps something along these lines might be done.

  4. Jay Knott June 5, 2012 at 1:00 pm #

    Edmondson mentions an earlier version of the ‘Really Smart People for 9/11 Truth’ documentary which “offered comments from psychologists who discuss the subject of cognitive dissonance and why so many people, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, still cling to the official version of 9/11.”

    I was wondering why I remain unconvinced by arguments like: “the only individuals arrested on 9/11 were Israeli Mossad agents that just so happened to specialize in explosives and electronic intercepts? You know, the types of skills you would need if you were involved in carrying out an attack like 9/11!”

    Now I know. It’s because I suffer from ‘cognitive dissonance’.

    • Blake June 5, 2012 at 3:03 pm #

      Sounds about right. Lol.

    • Richard Edmondson June 5, 2012 at 5:36 pm #

      If you’ll go and access the video, which I link in the article, of Gage delivering his comments at the opening in L.A., you’ll see that he makes an excellent point about critics who would prefer to “bite the finger rather than looking at where it’s pointing.”

      • searching June 5, 2012 at 5:57 pm #

        or shoot a messanger ,who brings a bad news. 🙂
        Let the party carry on, let’s kill
        a messenger who delivers bad news of an enemy coming.
        We will worry about the enemy when he knocks on our door. Then, we’ll start preparing, (it will be obviously too late)
        Now ,let ‘s just have a good time , paaaarty, and PRETEND like we don’t know anything. An ignorance is such a bliss.
        Why bother .

    • who_me June 5, 2012 at 7:02 pm #

      lefty baiting in the bds thread, now 9/11 baiting in this one. are you deliberately trying to look irrelevant, knott?

  5. searching June 5, 2012 at 6:03 pm #

    a must watch video

  6. searching June 5, 2012 at 6:20 pm #

    another great video with Jessie Ventura talking about 9/11 on Fox TV
    Many people do prefere lies over the truth.
    It takes guts to follow the truth, especially if its persecuted.

  7. searching June 5, 2012 at 7:08 pm #

    I recently went to a pre-teen section of Barnes and Nobles to buy a book for a pre-teen boy.
    I have not been in this section of B&N for a few years.
    I literally froze for seconds, while I was looking at the books they are “offering”.
    99.9 % were New Age type of books, about occult, witches, monsters, vampiers, aliens, esoteric etc. I could not find a “normal” book.
    I left this place in an utter disgust.
    You don’t believe me, go check it yourselves.
    Why this cr.p is being forced inot kids/teens??
    The same happens in movies, video games, pop music.
    Somebody has to be blind not to see that. Completely blind and ignorant to max.

    • searching June 5, 2012 at 7:11 pm #

      sorry ,I wanted to place this comment under BDS discussion.

      • searching June 5, 2012 at 7:44 pm #

        but since I started I will finish.
        The knowledge about Illimianti and their symbols, free masonery, luciferainisms, new age etc is the BASIC knowledge that helps to decipher/break the code.
        Once you know the code, you may apply it to what is going on in all areas of the current world and that explain it ( to a degree of course).
        Without this basic knowledge, one moves through the current events like through a dark labirynth without any light.
        The interesting thing is that those symbols are everwhere, but people sort of got used to them, or just ignore the meaning of all of it.
        Our mistake because the knot around our necks is getting tighter and tighter.

  8. falseflagusa June 9, 2012 at 1:27 am #

    First off I see no potentially trouble for Israel serious or not, at least not because of a false-flag in the U.S. almost 11 years ago, that is just plain silly. And it isn’t Israel not the entire country, its a small ruling elite that and the intel. agencies. Without considering America’s own intel. agencies; the CIA and NRO come readily to mind, and NATO as well as the Pentagon (not everyone of course but certain insiders) that whole analysis to me is worthless. There is a connection between the major corporations such as Big Oil and defense contractors, intelligence agencies and the covert ops crowd. To think one agency did this alone demonstrates peoples lack of research. Israel is a player but cannot make stand alone decisions. Impossible.

    • who_me June 9, 2012 at 2:04 am #

      operative words:

      “that whole analysis to me is worthless”

      anyone but the jooz…yeah, we (that mouse in my pocket, and i) get the picture. 😉