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Shared Values

Following on from yesterday’s post, here is a tiny everyday example of those shared US/Israeli values Dianne Feinstein was on about.

Courtesy of the Guardian.

Meanwhile another 47 people are killed by a truck bomb in Iraq and over 200 maimed. A slightly larger toll than usual in a single incident so it actually made the media here, but again in Iraq such violent death is an everyday occurrence. That is over ten years of fear, carnage on an unthinkable scale, dire poverty and destruction of basic services. I bet the Iraqis are extremely grateful for the peace and security Blair and Bush brought them.

2 Responses to Shared Values

  1. Ariadna Theokopoulos July 6, 2012 at 4:32 pm #

    I have not looked at the clip. Can’t bring myself to watch it. I trust the description and the photo.

    “Shares values” are not to be taken for granted, especially when do not exist. So what’s the next best thing to “shared values”?
    IMAGINARY shared values.
    How do you inculcate into the American minds the notions that:
    –Occupation, the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians, expansionism (Sharon’s “grab all the hilltops you can”), white phosphorus bombs dropped on innocent people, etc are in theor (American’s) bets interests as well?
    –Dehumanizing the Arabs/Muslims, devaluing their lives is an American value/interest as well?
    Only one way: ceaseless, omnipresent anti-Arab/anti-muslim propaganda.
    Here is an example: a friend sent me an e-mail from which I excerpt the relevant portion below:
    “By the way, I know you’re not a TV watcher and you probably don’t have a TV or if you do you don’t get to see U.S. programs. But if you can and have a mind to watch tomorrow’s 20/20 on ABC, or find it on the internet after it airs, you will probably be royally pissed at Barbara Walters.
    This morning on the View she was touting her special about “Heaven” and she proudly showed a clip. She interviewed various people who belong to different religions. The Dalai Llama, of course, among others. And then to illustrate how heaven is viewed in Islam she took us inside an Israeli prison to interview a Palestinian terrorist. I guess she wasn’t able to find a Muslim who hadn’t been involved in a suicide bombing.”

    I couldn’t bring myself to watch it. I trust the description.
    It brings to mind another question: if war criminals directly involved in crimes against humanity are generally recognized as worthy of standing in he dock at ICC, what do propagandists of hate like Walters deserve for their enabling works and for the criminal lobotomizing of the American public?

    • who_me July 6, 2012 at 6:18 pm #

      “what do propagandists of hate like Walters deserve for their enabling works and for the criminal lobotomizing of the American public?”

      the same punishment goebbels would have got.