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Response to ABC’s “Tick, Tick, Boom” and What’s with Jonathan Cook?

In  Iran – Tick, Tick, Boom!, ABC correspondent Trevor Bormann admits, “As well as killing some scientists and urging others to defect, the CIA and Mossad are making the working lives of Iranian nuclear scientists utterly miserable.

“Israel has long recognized the power of nuclear know-how in this most volatile of regions and ruthlessly defends its own programs. More than a quarter of a century on, it still treats its biggest security breach like it was yesterday.

“In 1986 Israeli nuclear technician, Mordechai Vanunu gave a London newspaper details of his country’s weapons program. He was stalked by Mossad, kidnapped and brought back home for a secret trial. And even since his release from prison after eighteen years he’s not really a free man, facing stringent restrictions in his everyday life.

“I’m keen to meet former nuclear insider Mordechai Vanunu for this take on the Iran debate. The closest I get is a catch up with his chief supporter over the years, Gideon Spiro. For me to communicate with Vanunu would most likely see him go back to gaol and I could go to prison too.

“I can’t see him because I’m a journalist. I couldn’t see him because I’m a foreigner. What other restrictions are there?”

GIDEON SPIRO: [Vanunu supporter] “He’s not allowed to be near embassies. He’s not allowed to enter the airport”.

BORMANN: “But he now can have a telephone and email, that’s new isn’t it?”

GIDEON SPIRO: “Yes. The telephone is serving the security services very well because they can track him 24 hours a day”.

BORMANN: His friend Gideon Spiro calls him but Mordechai Vanunu tells him to tell me to keep my distance lest I get him into trouble. The security services in Israel are very unforgiving.

Journalist YOSSI MELMAN adds, “Basically I think they are motivated by pure revenge of what he did and especially because he made a laughing stock of the security services”.

This candidate for US HOUSE is on the record with the facts affirming that SECURITY/Mossad does indeed have a vendetta against Vanunu, which are enshrined in my third book  BEYOND NUCLEAR: Mordechai Vanunu’s FREEDOM of SPEECH Trial and My Life as a Muckraker: 2005-2010


In response to BORMANN’s curiosity about Vanunu’s take on Iran, on 18 March 2012, Vanunu wrote:

“I am doing very well, in East Jerusalem, Still waiting to my freedom. Now after 26 years. And the way to prevent any war with Iran is By demanding, making many programs about Vanunu’s Freedom now struggle, and publishing again all the interviews, Videos,and Dimona Photos. Telling Israel the first step in the Path for M E disarmament is let Vanunu go NOW!!” – March 18, 2012: Message from Vanunu RE: Iran and Israel WMD


BORMANN could also check out the Facebook Cause Free Mordechai Vanunu currently with 6,393 members and learn that Vanunu communicates with the public at Mordechai Vanunu’s YouTube Channel



Speaking of Facebook, on 18 October I had a public and private conversation with Jonathan Cook, journalist

The only visible public proof is his reply to my now censored request asking him to report on Vanunu’s ongoing saga:

Jonathan Cook, journalist

Jonathan Cook, journalist Hi Eileen. Yes, Mordechai’s ongoing persecution is appalling. I’m in Jerusalem at the weekend and will try to meet up with him to find out the latest. October 18 at 7:57am


Also deleted are three Vanunu video links I posted on Cook’s FB Wall and Cook also BLOCKED me from posting anymore!

And I am still waiting for a reply to my last private message to Cook:

Eileen Fleming

Eileen Fleming

Since 2005 i have TRIED to get MSM to report on Vanunu’s Freedom of Speech Trial.

NO BODY bothered to document that historic event except me, who stupidly got my hopes up that YOU would pick up the torch.

But now i see you have deleted/censored my comments and i wonder WHY would a journalist do such a thing?

I am eileen fleming for US HOUSE and i approve of ALL of my messages.

Eileen Fleming for House – International Supporters 

BEYOND NUCLEAR: Mordechai Vanunu's Freedom of Speech Trial



Reporter Bormann concluded his Foreign Correspondent  report by noting, “While world leaders ponder major conflict, another war is being fought in silence and secrecy. In this clandestine world, it’s a case of ‘whatever it takes’.”

This reporter concludes with citing Vanunu:

I am Eileen Fleming and I approve of all of my messages.


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One Response to Response to ABC’s “Tick, Tick, Boom” and What’s with Jonathan Cook?

  1. David Holden October 26, 2012 at 10:48 am #

    “shame on you, BBC…”

    Vanunu is spot-on.

    actually this so-called Brutish Borecasting Corpse is really called the SSP. the initials represent its triad of corps values:

    Snobbery &

    these did not have to be invented, as they coincide with the pre-existing core values of the self-styled ‘royal’ family, and they define a great deal of British society – the self-styled ‘aristocracy’, the palm-greasing plutocracy, the demagogocracy, the pitiful lackeys, the TV-guzzling plebs…

    you can be sure that whenever Truth is ignored, the stench of evil is nearby. self-styled ‘great’ britain is like a huge morgue during a power failure. the corpses have by now defrosted and the air is laden with the repugnant odour of putrefied flesh.

    the BBC is Jimmy Savile
    Israel is Jimmy Savile
    the Mossad is Jimmy Savile

    there is a special place reserved for these creatures – under the floorboards of an indescribably filthy room at the bottom of the deepest pit of Hell.