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Rebel Convoys at the Cape of good hope

Rebel Convoys at the Cape of good hope

By Naram Sargon

Partial, edited, translation

by Alex

Gaza Hashim, the martyr’s blood reservoir where Hezbollah fighters carried missiles on their shoulders through tunnels to Hamas fighters, turning it into a focal point for Palestinian Resistance, has become a cleanser, a new Cape of good hope for Hamas new “friends”, the Arab and Muslim traitors wishing to wash their sins and great betrayals, to white wash their hands soaked with Palestinian, Lebanese and Syrian blood, by getting certification (Police certificate) from Hamas ex-freedom fighters who sold their guns to Hamad for 400 million dollars.

 In case you forget, Mishaal, after Erdogan failed to get Netanyahu’s Visa to enter Gaza, delivered the certificate to him in Istanbul, washing Erdogan’s hands from all his crimes against the Syrians.Shame on Hamas leadership.In history, the discovery of the Cape of good hope caused the decline of East and the rise of the West … And Gaza today became the Cape of good hope for the ships of Vasco de Gama (Arab spring) for convoys of Merchants who deserted Damascus until its conquer, wanting to cut the old Silk Road passing the Levant and Aleppo. Gaza turned into a Cape of Good Hope cutting Damascus -Aleppo road.
Don’t be surprised to see Ahmad Fatfat serving tea in the Cape of good hope in Gaza, and Siniora, his girlfriend Condi, Hariri, Jumblatt, Samir Geagea, and all traitors led by Bandar bin Sultan and, dreaming to get Damascus Oregano. Getting  Damascus, Hezbollah and Iran, Gaza Cape of good hope is badly needed by all those wanting to close the Palestinian cause.


I imagine Sectarian Khalid Hamayeh, representing the liar musaylamah waiting Pilgrims at Abu Salem crossing, Al-alkamy coming from Baghdad, Abraha Al-ashram, And Abu Jahal, Abu Lahab, coming from Mecca, Taimorlank, Napoleon Bonaparte, Guru, Admiral Allenby and Lawrence and Mr. Sykes and Pico.

Like Hajj, the Gaza sea salt cleanses the soul, but in Gaza crossings, angles at the request of Nato grand mufti, and MB’s Murshid modify what angles wrote about collaboration, betrayal, disobeying sons and secret relations with the Likud.

In the final anal-ysis the sea waves erase what’s written on Gaza sands

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