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RAP NEWS 11: Australia Day

It’s a day of high jinx, high revelry and high people in Australia; a day when a large and vocal majority come together to “celebrate what’s great” about this country. But what is the meaning of all this fanfare? What is the true origin of this passionately marked day of facepaint and binge drinking? Is everyone in Australia so keen on this particular anniversary? To get to bottom of these questions, and more, join your amiable host Robert Foster as he conducts a high-octane, high-frequency satellite link-up with a representative of the Mainstream Australian media: multi-Logie award-winning broadcaster, entertainer, emu-wrangler and true blue Aussie, Kenneth Oathcarn. WARNING: contains adult Australian vernacular – viewer discretion is strongly advised.

Written, produced and performed by
Hugo Farrant (Robert Foster) & Giordano Nanni (Ken Oathcarn).

One Response to RAP NEWS 11: Australia Day

  1. dan January 26, 2012 at 1:22 am #

    I never understood Australia day. The empty reasons why we celebrate it are ‘catchphrased’ each year by media and politicians. Government website suggests on this day we ‘celebrate our nationhood’ – whatever that means. We have no common identity, no traditions, no principles. We can’t even celebrate it as partial escape from colonialism as we have never had the courage to seek it. We have always been nothing more than a vassal state for Western hegemony (British first, now American).