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Rangzen Meeting Confers on the idea of Tibetan National Congress

Rangzen Meeting Held in Dharamshala, India, the heart of Tibetans in exile

The participants having a photo opportunity after the opening day of the meeting. Photo: Yeshe Choesang/Deliberation

Dharamshala: – A Rangzen Meeting was organised on 27th June 2012, at the Tibetan Library of Works and Archives new hall, Dharamsala. It was attended by more than 50 participants who stand for the Independence of Tibet and continue to work towards the goal of Tibetan Independence.

Besides discussing various means of fighting for the goal of Independence of Tibet and ways to propagate Rangzen ideology, the day-long meeting also deliberated on the critical human rights situation inside Tibet heralded by the ongoing spate of self-immolations.

The Meeting was addressed by former Kalon Tripa and a TYC founder Sonam Topgyal la and Jamyang Norbu la, Tibetan writer and Rangzen veteran. Besides prominent Tibetan freedom fighter Lhasang Tsering the meeting was also attended by ten members of the Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile, scholars, writers, researchers, activists and a doctor. The participants took part in the full day discussion in their individual capacity and did not represent any office or organization.

The Meeting resolved to observe the historical significance of 2013 as the centenary year of His Holiness the Thirteenth Dalai Lama’s re-instating the Independence status of Tibet 1913. For this the meeting constituted a nine-member coordination committee who will organize a Rangzen Conclave in Dharamsala.

Jamyang Norbu who organized the Rangzen Roundtable in New York this year introduced the proposal for the creation of the Tibetan National Congress (TNC) and the draft founding resolution of the organization. The draft constitution is still a work in progress.

Taking lessons from founding and history of Indian National Congress and the African National Congress, Jamyang Norbu said the TNC had the potential to take the Tibetan freedom struggle to a new level by bringing in coordination among all organization and individuals who are resolved

to continue the struggle for the Independence of Tibet.

The Meeting found great appreciation of the idea of Tibetan National Congress and many expressed desire to be a part of it. “I’m happy the idea of TNC found immediate connection and appreciation among the young people here in Dharamsala. This is the place where it should be embraced and taken to a new level.” said Jamyang Norbu.

“Besides discussing self-immolation in Tibet and our responses, the meeting resolved to organize a major Rangzen Conference next year and discussed the details of the Tibetan National Congress which is at a nascent stage in formation” said Tenzin Tsundue one of the
coordinators of the meeting.

Jamyang Norbu is on a speaking tour of Dharamshala, Massoorie, Kalimpong and Delhi after which he will return to the US.

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