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Spingola Specials: Ken Freeland talks about the work of Roy Tov

[mp3-jplayer tracks=”,,,″] On Saturday, Deanna Spingola – Republic Broadcasting Network – published an interview with Ken Freeland, speaking for Roy Tov. Your are kindly invited to listen. My website is still Next week, will begin to operate as a mirror site.

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Truth Jihad Gilad Atzmon on the Radio

Gilad talks about Chosen-ness, Exceptionalism and Supremacy as applied to Jewish Identity Politics and other politics. He also talks about the Book of Esther & Purim. Teaches Jews how to infiltrate into foreign administrations.” Gilad Atzmon describing the Book of Esther. [audio:] [audio:]

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AIPAC, Israel and Possible Attack on Iran

Gilad Atzmon is a talented jazzman who joins us to talk about his new book The Wandering Who? and offers candid commentary on Zionism, Israel, the US and much more. Atzmon was born in Israel, and started to question his government after compulsory service in the Army. American jazz led him to learn the saxophone, […]

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John Terry

Anti-Racism and its Discontents

[audio:] [audio:] It is natural that modern multi-racial societies should adopt a censorious attitude to the abuse of others on the basis of their race. But a problem arises when that attitude become so rabid that reasonable discussion of social and political phenomena becomes a taboo and when relatively trivial incidents are distorted […]

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