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Xenophobic, Racist Rhetoric? Bill Clinton Immigration Policy

Xenophobic, Racist Rhetoric? Bill Clinton Immigration Policy

The Left becomes increasingly irrelevant as its hypocrisy becomes increasingly apparent.  Here’s a clip of Bill Clinton policy on immigration from 1996.  The 1965 Hart-Celler Immigration Act came one year after the enactment of Civil Rights legislation.  The Civil Rights laws were intended to open up opportunities denied to native minorities that struggled for equal rights […]

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Trump Is Always Blamed For ‘Inciting Violence’ But It’s His Left-Wing Critics Who Are Guilty

[Deadbeat:  Pundits raising “concerns” about Donald Trump, seem to miss one of the biggest stories that have emerged from the Trump campaign — the true face of the Marxist Left.  These Marxists, better known as “social justice warriors” (SJWs), have a total disdain for the 1st Amendment rights of Trump supporters and have engaged in bullying tactics […]

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Atzmon at His Best

This is one of Atzmon’s best interviews, exploring some of the themes he has analyzed before, i.e., Israel (not the problem but one of the symptoms/manifestations of Jewish power); Jewish identity politics; Jewishness, Judaism, zionism and Jews as distinct but overlapping categorical concepts; the insidious hypocrisy of the inherently tribal and supremacist Jewish “Left,” and […]

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Americans: A Conquered People, the New Serfs

[This is, in my view, an accurate, if incomplete picture of the status of the America people chained in serfdom by the 1% who own the country, them and their children, and indeed the Western world. It only focuses on the economic and geopolitical aspects of the “conquest,” which is fine and plenty. The moral […]

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Mouseland is a wonderful fable that Thomas C. Douglas, ‘the Greatest Canadian,” used many decades ago, trying to teach his fellow Canadians the difference without a distinction between the two parties succeeding each other in Canada’s “democracy.” Mouseland is not only the metaphor for Canada’s democracy and for the US, but indeed for every country […]

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Age of Fools – Book Review

Reviewed by Jim Miles (Age of Fools.  William A. Cook. Dandelion Books, LLC.  Mesa, Arizona. 2015. ) In a world of fools,  Age of Fools by William Cook is passionate and accusatory book that reviews the Bush/Sharon era of Israeli/Palestinian affairs. Cook’s style is different than the usual prosaic works of history, and while the ‘facts’ […]

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Get Corbyn!

Antisemitism Inquisition shifts up a gear in bid to wreck Labour’s election chances and remove the ‘loose cannon’. With important local government elections a few days away the campaign against alleged antisemites reached a crescendo over the weekend, with the press and TV corps in full cry.   Their main quarry was former mayor of […]

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What it really means to be a Friend Of Israel

The humbug of ‘shared values’ and What it really means to be a friend of Israel Once again the AIPAC annual pantomime in Washington DC has played itself out while the world outside watches aghast at the gullibility of America’s political elite. And how they flocked to hear the Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s speech. […]

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Propaganda machine in dictator Mao’s China fails its campaign on Tibet

Dharamshala — China’s iron-fisted policy has bestowed to Tibet occupation, colonization, political repression, cultural assimilation, and environmental destruction among other factors for more than half a century making the conflict in Tibet one of the long-standing global issues. There is no visible difference, whether they call it China’s third era, the end of reform, growth, […]

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Christendom Falls: Victory over Europe Day

The Battle of Berlin World War II, April 16th–May 2nd, 1945: The Battle of Berlin saw desperate German volunteers make a heroic last stand against the Jewish controlled Soviet Union, British Empire and the United States. Besieged, out-gunned and outnumbered 5:2, the Germans fought a bitter campaign in defence of their capital, before it eventually […]

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Holocaust Fabricators’ Scuffle

[Ed. Note: This scuffle among Holocaust fabricators of conflicting versions would be funny if it were not for the vile use to which the Holocaust myth has been put, leading to the theft of Palestine, the genocidal campaign against its people, and the never-ending extortion and subversion of Western nations.] Netanyahu causes uproar by linking Palestinians to Holocaust […]

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Iran – Key to Unlocking US Hypocrisy on Terrorism

Iran — Key to Unlocking US Hypocrisy on Global Terrorism by Finian Cunningham Some 33 years ago, Masoumeh’s nightmare began. It began when she awoke from her sleep. One morning in her family home in the Iranian capital, Tehran, she wakened to find that gunmen had forced their way into the household. She was only […]

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